Thursday, December 22, 2005

Jealous Little Man

I don't know if I've ever written about my son's jealousy, and I'm too lazy to go back and check old posts- so if you've already heard this- I'm sorry.
Anyhoo- my son is a jealous bitch. He cannot see me and Daddy hug, kiss, TOUCH in any way. The thing is, usually when the jealousy hits, he pushes ME away from Daddy, and proceeds to hug him. If Little Man is on the bed with Daddy, I will purposely go and hug Daddy or lay next to him, and he really comes over and SHOVES me away. I can't hug his Daddy. So I will hug Daddy again and say "MY Daddy!" which pisses my son off to no end. Sometimes he will laugh, but he still pushes me out of the way and lays on Daddy so I can't access any hugging body parts. We get a kick out of it. Sometimes me and Daddy will pretend to fight over the baby, one of us hugging him saying "My baby!" and the other trying to take the baby away. Little Man loves it. He gets hiccups from how hard he laughs. It's a sight.
Now for a list-
Words Little Man can say clearly:
1. Go
2. No (he hears it so much!)
3. Hello? (While holding the cellphone/remote/shirt/anything to his ear)
4. MA! (always with an exclamation point)
5. Dada
6. Look
7. This
8. Yeah
9. Car
10. Que? (spanish for 'what')
11. Hey

There are probably more that I can't remember right now. I figure I might as well write them down. He says full sentences, but they're usually in Chinese so I can't understand him. My mother says he has said other words in Spanish but I haven't heard them, and until I do she's a liar. Smile
I will probably be back later today. No one is in the office, I'm gonna be catching up on my daily reads (WHICH I STILL CANT FIGURE OUT HOW TO PUT ON MY FUCKING SIDEBAR!) and maybe I'll get inspired to write something else.

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