Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Are you ready for a list?

Here is a list for you: Things The Shitter Does. (Besides Shit)*
  • He calls at 9 a.m, 12:00 p.m, 12:30 p.m, and 4:55 p.m "to check his messages". For the past two weeks our back line (which the agents use to check their messages so as not to call me fifteen times a day) has not been working. The calls were okay, until the line was fixed. I started noticing the times he was calling and I came to realize he is checking up on me.
  • When he comes to my desk "to get an envelope" or "use my stapler" (he has one on his own desk) he is peering at my computer screen to see what I'm doing.
  • He walks up to my desk when I am on the phone to listen to my conversation. (Thank goodness I don't make personal phone calls here, or he'd be all up in my business.)
  • If I leave the office to go to lunch he chases me down the hall to ask me when I'll be returning. He never gives me any work to do- why ask?
  • If he hears our door open he runs to the front to see who it is. Literally, he RUNS. Which doesn't matter, because if he's not the agent on the calendar, he doesn't get the client. Period.
  • I think he looks through the papers on my desk. I have a way of leaving my desk so I will always notice if someone has been touching anything, and I've been noticing things are different when I come in the next morning.

*I am making this list to show how annoying he is. Because really, my own BOSS-who signs my paychecks- doesn't do this stuff. More will be added. I just wanted to get some of this out before I snap at him.


Julie said...

Is this guy like a stalker-type with a crush, or just a general A-hole all around? Sounds a little weird.

Oh, The Joys said...

He sounds like an ASS.

Diana said...

He is most defenitly a general asshole...he is about 50-60 y/o and has no life other than this job.(He is married but-oh! my! she's gotta be just as bad as he is!) The Head Admin told me he has this need to control everything around him...maybe I should have my mother come in and tell him how hard I am to control...and how much of a bitch I become when people try...

Mama of 2 said...

The next time he RUNS to see who's coming through the door perhaps some strategicly placed object (say your stapler he insists on using) should find its way to the middle of the walkway. Maybe ending up flat on his face will do something to his disposition.

Just a thought.

Diana said...