Friday, July 07, 2006

What time is it? I'm LATE!!!

Okay, so I have a couple of posts brewing in my head right now- one being a more in depth viewing of my hate/hate relationship with Daddy's ex (GIRLFRIEND). Another being about my dear sweet funny pain in the ass son.
My cousin is getting married today. In a couple of hours. And I have to go home and shower (again? I should have skipped my shower this morning but I can't start my day w/out showering and I can't change clothes w/out showering...hmmm another weird thing about me.)
I should have left twenty minutes ago, but I got caught up reading up on you guys. (Yeah, no work got done today. Oh well.)
So I'm off. And hopefully Monday is boring at work so I can write something interesting enough to keep you guys around.
Maybe I can get a good enough picture taken of myself and you guys can see what I look like in non-animation form. But I never look good in pics, so that probably won't happen.
Anyhoo- have a great weekend guys.


Mama of 2 said...

Here's to you having a great weekend and looking forward to hearing all about it and hey if you throw a few pictures in there I'm all for that as well.

JayMonster said...

Have a great weekend! Enjoy the wedding! (It is only ONE this time right?)

Kristen said...

Have fun! And guess what? They make a toy vaccum that comes with a dustbuster that ACTUALLY PICS UP PAPER. So there you go. He CAN help you pick up his mess! LOL.

Here's a link