Tuesday, July 18, 2006

They are on the move

There is a married couple that works here (worked? They are leaving now...) that would usually work out of their home. They were really nice and never did anything to piss me off, which is why you've never read about them. They just gave my boss their notice and came into the office to start tying up loose ends. They were an interesting couple, always finishing each other's sentences, it was like they WERE one person and not just in the married sense. This move seemed kind of sudden to me so I asked them if something was wrong. They started to tell me about complaints that some of their clients had about their office being located in {my city} instead of {their city}. How can people complain about that they work from their home anyway? It's not like they ever tell clients to meet them in our office, they always meet them in their (the clients) home, and if that's not convenient I don't know what is. Really, people will find absolutely anything to complain about. So they told me they made a "business decision" to 1)Open up their own office and 2)Have the office in {thier city} so the clients won't complain.
They told me that since they needed an office space sooner rather than later they went to Offices2share.com and got a nice office space until they found something more permanent. In case that link doesn't work here is the picture of the building they are going to: Nice, eh? I'm not such a big fan of big office buildings like that, but they showed me pictures of what it looks like inside (they had those, I got this one off the website) and it's niiiiice. (Actually, the website itself is really cool. If you are making a move to another state you can browse the different spaces they have available without having to travel and search. They provide you with the pictures, like the one I have, so you can see the area and the building. They also give you all the contact information so you can call to ask any questions you may have.)
So two (or one? since they are the same person...) of the agents that I like here are going away. I wished them well, of course. It was a business decision on their part and my boss understood.
I will miss them. They were funny, I liked when they came in.
So long Mr. and Mrs. OnePerson, come visit me sometime, 'kay? Good Luck

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Kristen said...

LOL. Mr. and Mrs. Oneperson! I've always secretly wanted to be a Oneperson! Well, just to be able to finish sentences and stuff. lol