Friday, July 28, 2006

"Coffee" is the only word she knows in English.

I went into Dunkin Doofus this morning, a different one, the one a block away from my job. I went IN and asked for a small caramel iced latte, extra sweet. I added an orange juice to the bill. The price came out pretty low, I mean aren't latte's usually like two and change? Hey, I must have gotten a deal.
I was handed a small iced coffee. Not sweet.
How do you get the word coffee from LATTE?? I was speaking slowly, because I'm dead tired, so it couldn't have been that she mistook CARAMEL for coffee.
I took a sip and threw it out. I guess I'll have to depend on the oj to wake me this morning,
I finally got some sleep last night. Little Man and I went to my mother's house to make sure she was alright, took her to the grocery store and then back home. When we were leaving Little Man started to cry bloody murder, he wanted to stay with her. He was fighting the car seat while I was leaving the driveway, trying to get out and run to her. I saw her wiping her eyes watching him do this. He missed her, she missed him. God, I missed her. He cried so hard he was asleep before I got home. I slept more hours last night than the past few nights put together, and when I woke up this morning I realized how exhausted I really am. All the stress from her being in the hospital, the not sleeping, the not eating has caught up to me. I now have a soar throat, my whole body hurts and all i want to do is go home and sleep the day away. But here I am. Hopefully no one fucks with me today.

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