Thursday, July 13, 2006

Let's go racing again

Pack your bags and take the weekend off with me...
HA! I wish I was going the whole weekend. I wish we were renting a hotel room and packing my Little Man up and going. Instead we are dropping Little Man off at my mother's Saturday night and leaving for Atco at about 3 a.m.
More racing!
And there is a competition between Puerto Rico and US for the championship! (Can I spoil it by telling you that the US never wins? PR usually has the fastest race times...
Here...some good news...are you ready???
*whispering* We get to eat at White Castle. Atco Raceway is in Atco, New Jersey....and I already did a google search, Map there is a White Castle not too far from the Tuesday Girl, you don't have to worry about shipping them out. I get to satisfy my craving by actually going myself and saving us both shipping costs.
Hopefully this time I can take pics and post them here. (Left my camera when we went to the last races in NH, did I mention that?)
Whatever...let's go racing!


Kristen said...

My dad used to take me to Atco all the time when I was little to see the motorcycle races! Ah...memories. Biker babes flashing saggy boobies, old pervs wearing shirts that say "Show me your tits..." LOL.

And white castle? Gives me a tummy ache-but I love the fries and the mozz stix!

Tuesday Girl said...

You won't be far from me!
Have fun!

Diana said...

At the car races there's no saggy booby flashing-but a lot of fashion don'ts...for you Kristen I will have to take pics...I'm sure there will be people there with leggings under skirts...gah!