Monday, July 31, 2006

Cough cough HACK cough wheeze!

Yep, sick as a dog! You wouldn't believe me if I told you...
Friday Daddy calls me at about quarter to five telling me he had just left work and was going to pick up Little Man. We usually do this together after he picks me up, so of course I'm questioning him. Turns out Little Man was running a pretty high fever and the babysitter was concerned. So Daddy goes to get him and picks me up and the boy is burning up! He tells me the sitter gave him some Motrin and that it was actually going down. Going down? It feels like his skin is boiling! "Let's wait and see." Daddy says. It went down. In about fifteen minutes, the boy was running around like he never had the fever.
Fast forward to 2 a.m when the boy put his foot on my face. It was hot again. What the fuck? More motrin, half a dose because that was all that was left in the bottle. Shit. Shit. Shit. Some crying by the boy who didn't appreciate being woken up and by me because he wouldn't let me take his temp, and he didn't even want me to hold him. Ten minutes, fever was gone. GONE. 6 a.m, hot arm on my face. Remember it was half a dose? I drag myself out of bed put my glasses on, some sweat pants yes, I'm serious and go to 7 Eleven. Now here is where the drama starts. The bottle of Children's Tylenol is marked $4.99. I get to the register and the dude asks me for $7.23. I swipe my card, then stop. It's six in the goddamn morning, I can't think..."The box says $4.99. How do you get $7.23 from that?" He looks at the box where it is clearly labeled $4.99 and says it must be a mistake...but he means from my end because he's still there waiting for me to sign the slip. Oh, hell no, I still have the crust in my eyes and this guy wants to fuck with me. "Listen. It is six in the morning and you can clearly see I am buying medicine for a child. You have FOUR NINETY NINE marked on the box- on all the boxes! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO CHARGE ME SEVEN TWENTY THREE FOR THIS." He went to go inspect the other medicine boxes. When I say inspect, I mean he was looking at each and every label to see if I put them there. I wanted to leave, but the closest twenty-four hour pharmacy is two towns away. He came back to the register, did the void and I paid the stupid $4.99 wanting so badly to hurt him. He didn't even apologize. So the boy gets his tylenol and I call the doctor. "Temp at 102.5, no vomiting, no diarrhea...go in at ten? Thank you."
Go to the doctor at ten just to be told I shouldn't have brought him in you're fucking paranoid if he doesn't have any other symptoms then why did you tell me to bring him in??? and just let whatever it is to run its course. I hate doctors.
Thankfully, the kid only needed about one more dose of Tylenol and he was fine.
Then last night I started coughing like an eighty year old man with a 75 year smoking habit. I sound like one when I talk, too.
Fun times, I tell you.


JayMonster said...

ah yes, we had a few of those nights as well. My daughter one night had a fever of 103.5 and we wound up putting her in a cool bath while waiting for the Motrin to kick in.

Naturally though, you put a toddler in a cool tub... THEY WAKE UP, so while her fever was down, she was now WIDE AWAKE.

By the time we got her to the doctor the next day... no fever.


Diana said...

Don't you hate when that happens? That's why these docs think we're paranoid...
When I gave him his cool bath Friday evening he refused to sit in it so we mainly gave his feet and ankles a cool bath. If it weren't for his new love (the foam numbers) he would have climbed right out.

Mama of 2 said...

Oh Diana...what a night for you and to top it off you are getting sick too. I HATE when that happens. It's just sucks on so many levels.

Girlie Girlie had a pretty high fever while she was running the course through her first ear infection a while back. I think it was like 103.5 and I did call the doc on call and thankfully he was very nice to me. We did as Jaymonster put her in a cool bath for about 15 mintues and then cool wash cloth on her head while she feel asleep.
I hate when I have a sick kid. Lucky for me though my doc is really great and I love her.

Mama C-ta said...

I really don't know what we'd do w/out doctors. YOu are better than me b/c I seriously would have hurt that clerk. So glad he's all better though! Now you get better.