Wednesday, July 26, 2006

wait and wait and wait

Last night her potassium levels went down. They had to pump her stomach and give her like four bottles (no lie) of laxatives to get THE ANTIBIOTICS out of her system. Yes, the antibiotics they sent her home with after the ordeal with her arm MADE HER SICK. So now she is connected to an IV once again, with more antibiotics (different ones) and we have to wait. The potassium levels were up again this morning, so we have to wait for them to go down. And then from there they have to determine what the hell is going on, which means more waiting. She sounded better when I spoke to her, she said her tongue didn't feel heavy anymore and she was hungry. (I would be too if they pumped my stomach and then made me drink four bottles of laxatives. Shit.)
So that's it.
We just wait.


Lori said...

I hope everything turns out okay.

Mama of 2 said...

I hate to wait...if I haven't mentioned it before I am not a patient person at all.

I hope all your waiting comes up with good results. Keep us posted.

Diana said...

Lori-thank you. And thanks for visiting.
Mamaof2-I hate waiting too. But iguess it will have to do for now. You think the Dr.'s are sick of me calling for an update while I'm at work? And chasing them down the hallway at the hospital?