Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Hmmmmm, White Castle...

(say the title like Homer Simpson...drooling and all, that's how I'm saying it!)
Can I tell you how much I looooove our friends .K. and .S. right now? .K.'s family is originally from New Jersey (shout out to Latteman! And Tuesday Girl!) so she and her husband .S. took their 6 month old son for a visit with her family back home. They were gone for five days, and they made sure to call us to make us jealous of all the fun they were having. The reason that I love them so much right now is that when they came home last night they brought me and Daddy a bagful White Castle burgers. Some of you may be saying " Big deal, a bag full of burgers..."
You don't understand.
They are WHITE CASTLE BURGERS (aka Slyders.)
Tiny little burgers (they kind of look like bar burgers) that are just sooooo good. I don't even know what it is about them that is so addicting, but they are. Daddy and I both used to live in NYC when we were kids (no, we didn't know each other) and we at least could get to a White Castle to get some, but now that we live here (five miles off the edge of the Earth where there is No White Castle) we miss those tiny burgers. I did find them in the supermarket...but they sell six in a box for like $4 and you have to microwave them, it just isn't the same. They are sold at the restaurant for $0.59!!!
I'm going to have to add that place as one of the reasons I should go back to NYC.


Tuesday Girl said...

Ahhh! We call them rat burgers. The first one is soo good but if you eat a bunch they kick your ass.

I wonder if they ship well, I could send you some.

Diana said...

(I edited the post to send you a shout-out. I forgot you were in Jerz!)
*wiping the drool at the thought of getting White Castle in the mail...I will have to look into the shipping of the burgers!

JayMonster said...

In some White Castles you can actually purchase them ready to ship (flash frozen). But pricey though (the shipping costs, and not becaue of the burgers, but all the packaging so that they ship safely).

Have always called them "Murder Burgers" (though I have heard rat burgers as well). Most frequent time to stop for White Castles? 2:30 am, after leaving the bar.

$.59 now? Sheez... when I used to by them on a regular basis (see above) they were $.35 cents each.

Oh, and you have obviously been away from them too long as you don't call 'em a "bag" of White Castles... you get "a sack of 'em" :)

Diana said...

Jay I told you it's been a while!LOL. My time here at Fives Miles Of The Edge Of The Earth is beginning to be longer than my time in the City. It sucks.

tonya cinnamon said...

hehehehe we have krystals hewre in tennessee..just like white castles but not as greasy and they use mustard . but when you get a craving for them woo weee. yummy:-)