Thursday, July 27, 2006

Karma and Irony must be sisters.

Let me tell you a story about why I hate the biggest donut chain in the world. (Well, on my side of the world anyway.) Every. Single. Time. I order from there they mess something up. Yes, it's obviously the employees' fault, but I blame the company for hiring incompetant idiots. I'll share the most recent incident:
There is a bagel shop right next to Daddy's job that is HEAVENLY. They make their own bagels, have the best coffee (according to Daddy, I don't do coffee) and the service is great. It's kinda like a Mom & Pop place. They also have their own sandwiches that they've named after people and places in the city. The only bad thing is: they only take cash. I don't like carrying cash on me, but Daddy and I make it a point to have some cash just so we can go there in the morning and get breakfast-on-the-go. So one day, we didn't have cash and the nearest ATM is not so near, so Dunkin Donuts it was. I went through the drive-through and ordered an egg and cheese on a croissant and a medium iced coffee, french vanilla, extra extra for Daddy. I was not hungry. We pay, we get the coffee. We wait TEN MINUTES before they hand us a bag, we peek in, there is something in there wrapped up, must be the sandwich, right? RIGHT? NOOOOOOO. When Daddy reaches in (we're already on the highway) and gets what is supposed to be his sandwich, he pulls out a blueberry bagel. He scrunches up his face and reaches in again. He pulls out veggie cream cheese. I wanted to turn around and give it back to them and ask them what the hell took so long to make the sandwich I NEVER GOT??? (and who eats veggie cream cheese on a blueberry bagel anyway?) I told Daddy that was the last time I was ever going there, never mind that I had said that the last time we had to go there.
Ready for the ironic part?
I got a hundred dollar gift card for the donut chain from hell for my birthday.


Mama of 2 said...

Oh I sit laughing my butt off at your last line. Oh yeah that's always...I mean always the way my life works.

As for Dunkin Donuts...I would kill to have one of those back in my area again. They all have been taken over by something called Donut Connection and not only is their service questionable their products completely suck!!

Jen said...

Umm..who got you the $100 gift card? And how many donuts do you eat that would make someone get you that amount??

Diana said...

mamaof2- well if there's something worse than DD's, then I guess I would wish them back, too.
Jen- you know the funny thing is, I don't even eat donuts. I don't drink coffee. I will drink a fruit coolatta once in a blue moon, but never do I frequent the place. One of my favorite agents (who works out of his home) gave it to me. Since he's never in the office, he doesn't see that I don't drink coffee. He assumed EVERYONE ran on dunkin...since it's what the commercial says.

Diana said...
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Tuesday Girl said...

Ok, well mail that GC to me. I loves me some dunkin donut coffee.

That was a nice thought from the agent though!

Oh, The Joys said...

Holy cow - $100 gift certificate to DD??!! Someone is trying to KILL you.

sourpatchbaby said...

Yeah, give me the GC. I wish I had a good DD's over here. I used to work at one up north that had the bakery in it. Man, that was the best! I would run to the bakery to get freshly made danishes and make my own coffee. Those were the days. Now all I have is the weird Krispy Kreme.

Diana said...

tues and sourpatch- I would gladly mail it to you guys, but my dear dear Daddy saw the card and his eyes almost fell out of their sockets. He loves their coffee, so now we've been going so that he can get his caffeine fix, and I'll buy a coolatta for the rest of the summer I guess.
Ohthejoys- I thought the exact same thing!!!!
It was very thoughtful on his behalf, I appreciate that he would even do something like that. I honestly wasn't expecting anyone to get me anything.

dennis said...

$100 GC for donuts??? Booo-Yaaaah!

I say invite all of your kids friends, classmates, kids you see at the mall over for the next birthday party. $100 of donuts will allow for one big, blowout bash the imps will talk about the rest of their lives!!

And the best part? Somebody else paid for it!