Monday, July 24, 2006

For Jen

Birthday Banner Birthday Song
Everyone go and wish Jen a happy birthday, it's her Golden Birthday, 24 on the 24th!
Here, I have a song for you Jen, watch as I get it stuck in everyone's head...
Does everyone remember the Simpsons episode where "Michael Jackson"* was in the looney bin with Homer? It's an old episode. Anyway they got "Michael Jackson" to sing Happy Birthday to Lisa? (Hope you don't mind being called Jenny! It goes with the song!)

Jenny, it's your birthday
Happy Birthday Jenny!
Jenny, it's your birthday,
Happy Birthday Jenny...

*Michael is in quotes because it turned out it was just someone impersonating him...and that was why he was in the looney I the only one who remembers this episode?


Jen said...

AAHH!! Thank you!! This is so far the best part of my day today. My husband is working, we're still in the hotel, and my kids are in horrible moods today! I told Hayden to be nice to me since it was my birthday..and he said "NO IT'S MY BIRTHDAY, NOT YOURS!" So..this was a nice change!! Thanks again! And yes I remember that episode! :)

sourpatchbaby said...

No, I remember that episode clearly. I believe that when they went to visit Homer the family had to put on a big sticker that said "sane". Also, wasn't there something about one of the patients was a cannibal?