Wednesday, July 26, 2006

It only took me like two months...

...but I did it. Zach and Brie's mom had tagged me ages ago...

I WANT: to go home.
I WISH: I could take a vacation.
I HATE: the way people drive in this state. Ugh.
I MISS: sleep.
I FEAR: death.
I HEAR: the non-stop hum of the AC in my office.
I WONDER: what's next?
I AM NOT: the one to get nasty with when you call my office pissed at someone else. (just happened) (bitch)
I DANCE: with my son. To Elmo's Song. And the Bear Cha-cha-cha.
I SING: in my car so I won't damage anyone's ears.
I CRY: when it becomes tooooo much.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: bitchy. Though it seems that way.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: lots and lots of good food. I looooove cooking.
I WRITE: a blog. And lots of letters for my bossman.
I CONFUSE: everyone with my crazy train of thought that goes in five different directions at once.
I NEED: a stiff drink.
I SHOULD: be working...but I don't wanna!
I START: my day AFTER I smother my son with kisses.
I FINISH: my day smothering my son in kisses.

I'm going to see if Jay and Dennis want to play along...let's give the Daddies a minute in the spotlight...

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