Tuesday, March 07, 2006

16 months ago...

well, at this time I was still in labor. For seven more hours.
But looking at my dear son today as I lazily sat on the bed, not wanting to get dressed for work, I was amazed at the growing he has been doing. This boy has been walking since he was nine months old, and yet still trips over his own two feet. (I laugh at him every time.) He speaks words that will usually let you know what he wants. (uh-oh i feel a list coming on) He knows when we've arrived at Grandma's or my sister's house. Every morning as I pull into his babysitter's driveway he starts to wave. (either bye-bye to me or hello to her, I'm still not sure which one.) Last night as he slept on my chest as I watched The Transporter (sexy man that Transporter guy, I forgot his name already.) I remembered watching him sleep when he came home from the hospital. I was afraid that if I took my eyes off him, he'd stop breathing. Now, he can get his own sippy off the table. He can (almost) pull his own pants up. He can go get something when I ask for it. He gives kisses on command. He does a mean scribble picture, because he loves my Princess Niece's crayons. He can work the remote control. (shuts the tv off if he doesn't like a show, turns it back on because he wants to.) These are just random things, he does so much more. but i will do a list of words he speaks, just for fun.
  • Please
  • Ma
  • Pa (new one for Daddy)
  • Mima (grandma's nickname)
  • Ti! (for his aunties)
  • Go
  • No
  • Pa-pow (for when he's about to get in trouble, he says it when he knows he's doing something wrong)
  • kaka (getting him to say it when he DOES it)
  • CAR! (his favorite)
  • pee-pee (see kaka)
  • Bo-bo (his pacifier)
  • His dad's name
  • Lala (for Elmo)

There are many others that I am forgetting, but you can see he is very verbal. He spends most days going on and on in baby jibber jabber, and I try to sneak words in for him to repeat. I've noticed he favors certain letters which are probably easier for him to pronounce. Another thing I've noticed is he favors his left hand. Both my parents are Lefty's, as am I, and I laugh at Daddy when I see the boy coloring with his left hand. (It was a competition, just like whether he would say Ma or Daddy first. Daddy got that one, I get the hand!)

Well, my boy is growing up at an amazing rate. My heart already aches because I know I can't stop it and take more time with him. How i wish I could be home with him everyday. How I wish our circumstances were different so that I could be more of a part of his growing.

Mommy loves you, Little Man. I'm working for a better life for you.

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