Friday, March 03, 2006

Writing Collabo!

The Crazy Hip Blog Mamas wanted us ( the members) to all write something. As I hated writing assignments growing up (and frankly rebelled against any and every "What I did this summer" essay) I still am willing to do this, because it's not being enforced on me by a long-nosed bun-wearing English teacher. (I have nothing against my teachers growing up, I just hated their stupid writing assignments. I excelled in English and creative writing...not that you could tell by the way I write here...)
Anyhoo, the question is WHAT DOES BOEING A CRAZY HIP BLOG MAMA MEAN TO YOU? me it means not being that mom that blogs all day about how well Little Man behaves (because he doesn't) and about how great being a mom is (because, well, not always) and how I can't wait to pop out another five of these things (because HELL NO!)
I started reading blogs early in the summer of this year. I stumbled upon them by accident. I started by reading MUBAR because she had a link on my YAHOO! page, for a reason still unknown to me. And I felt like, I don't know, like I was invading her world by reading. But then I realized how many there were, and I started exploring her links, and others, and I found people who were going through the same thing I was going through. People who didn't consider motherhood all peaches and roses. I found the link to Crazy Hip Blog Mamas and I read up on what they were about. It was me, just in different places, time zones, and phases. I had to be a part of that, because if these women can help me figure some stuff out just with their writing, then maybe I can too, for someone else. (not that i'm all chock full of answers...) So being a Crazy Hip Blog Mama means that I can be honest about the hard shit that goes on with my son, without feeling that people are judging me and thinking I'm a horrible mother. (Even though we all know I AM!)
I don't know if that was the kind of answer they were looking for, but that's mine.


Antique Mommy said...

Love the title of your blog! The nice thing about blogging is you can be brutally honest or like those who report how well behaved little man is -- you can totally make stuff up!

Belle said...

I definitely agree....motherhood isn't all peaches and roses. I go through so very many periods of motherhood-induced insanity it's not even funny!

Mom101 said...

You speak the truth, mama! I hate the "life is all roses and lollipops" kind of blogs. If you can't be honest with yourself - well, you're kind of screwed aren't you?

Chaotic Mom said...

I've found a lot of support through reading other blogs, too. Sometimes I forget "who I am" when I get Stuck in Elmo's World...

Diana said...

hey, i guess I made some kind of sense after all!
I will be checking in on your blogs soon, because I'm a stalker that way, but my boss just walked in for his weekly visit, and I have to pretend to work...(I keep minimizing this screen, it took me ten minutes to write!)

SuperMom said...

"But then I realized how many there were, and I started exploring her links, and others..."

Gasp! There are others?!

It's true. Being mom is so hard, and none of us can do it all perfectly. But being honest is what makes us all be able to laugh at it and be better for it at the end of the day.

Hats off to you!

(BTW - I'm a new CHBM ;-)