Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ghost Story Tuesday.

This blog does this weekly. I had (some time ago) said to her that I would participate, but put it on the back burner for reasons unknown. Probably because I'm too caught up in myself. Probably because I wanted so badly to forget the shit I went through in that house we lived in for so long. With Larry's death, I have begun to think about ghosts. I believe in them. I think some people get "stuck" here. I've always wondered what the reasons were...
Anyway, my family and I moved into this really nice two level house in the heart of the city and lived there for about ten years. Great house, lots of room, private yard, and ghosts. When we first moved in, we didn't hear anything. But our cat would go crazy, he would stare at the ceiling without blinking (he had never done that before) and he would hiss at the stairs. Sometimes he would be sound asleep and suddenly come bolting down the stairs and just hide behind one of us, tail shaking violently, ears pulled back. Then we started hearing/feeling footsteps. One of us (me, my mother or my sister) would be downstairs (home alone) and the ceiling would creak the way it would if someone were walking upstairs. We started noticing that when the creaking was going on, the cat was staring at the ceiling. Hmmm. Lights would turn on and off by themselves. We would hear knocking on the front door when there was no one there. A few times my mother would come into my room wondering what I wanted. "What are you talking about, Mom?" "You were just calling me..." "Um, no I wasn't..."
There was one incident where we had family over for a weekend, and my uncle swears someone hit him while he was taking a nap, but we had all been in the family room watching a movie.
And the ultimate, which was something that I just came to discover only happened to me. At night I would hear people whispering. I thought I was dreaming. I would open my eyes and there would be people, sometimes one person other times a group, standing in my room. At times they were looking right at me, other times they would be crouching in the corner trying to "hide" from me. There was one that actually took a throw blanket I had and tried to hide behind it, and when I woke up the next morning I saw the blanket unfolded and just thrown on the floor. Still thinking I was dreaming, I questioned myself. Was I really seeing this? Why was I seeing this? I don't remember if I tried talking to these "people", since we moved away form that house I buried these memories deep deeeeeep in my brain, hoping to never think of them again. I do remember once telling my mother "There was someone in my room last night," and I tried explaining it to her and she got this look in her eyes and just said "Pray before you go to sleep." Thanks Mom, but I don't think a prayer will keep them away. I tried moving my room around so that the bed was pushed up against the wall and I would sleep with my back to the rest of the room, but that didn't stop it.
I was recently sharing this with Daddy, and there were other incidents that came up between us that I will save for other ghost story Tuesdays, because that's just what I think they are.
So, Tree, here is my Ghost Story for today.
Now, the reason I wrote this is because I can't help but think that Larry is stuck now. And how the apartment across the hall from my mother will never be the same. Maybe the people who move there next will hear whispers and see people... I think I would freak the new people out if I just went up to them and asked them if they hear stuff so if there will be new tenants I'll leave them alone. But if they ask my mother anything, I can't promise silence.....
A question for the readers, (yeah, both of you!) Do you believe in ghosts?


Tree said...

Excellent first GST entry! I look forward to more...
That said, you gave me some serious shivers. So much of what you said sounds like things I've been through.
I'm so sorry about Larry. Suicides are so confusing, and so very sad. If you are very concerned about him being "stuck," please email me. I can help.

JayMonster said...

I love ghost Stories and Tales. But No, I can not say I believe in ghosts.

"Trapped" souls? Please, if you believe in them, read your works of "faith" that provide your context of what a soul is, and show me how a soul can get "trapped" here.

The only "trap" is in the mind of the viewer who can't "let go" of a person.

As for a "trapped soul" that you never knew. It is called your imagination.

Sorry, I don't mean to sound smug. (And when I say "You", I mean anyone who believes in ghosts, not "you" who is stuck in elmo's world specifically).