Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Cloud of Doom, I should be able to write you off on my taxes!

Well, everything was fine. The lawyer called, I can officially pick my check up anytime today. Pot Of Gold So I took my well-deserved lunch hour that I never take and Daddy and I headed to the lawyer's office. (He called his job to tell them he would be a little late, they knew we were going to get some money!) No problems there, the check was in my hand before I could blink. So let's go to the bank! We are kinda broke right now, so I decided that I would have the bank give me a couple hundred so i could go grocery shopping for our empty cobweb-ridden cabinets. (They don't really have cobwebs, i did clean the house, it's an emphasis on how empty they are.)
So I get to the bank, and walk up to the teller...
dun dun dunnnn
I lost my fucking license.
I never use the thing, it's always in my little zippered pocket in my purse. (My wallet had gotten stolen months ago I have yet to buy a new one because, well we're broke and my son's diapers and milk are waaaaayyyy more important than a fucking wallet. But today, my license IS. NOT. THERE!!! So blah blah blah I basically would have to deposit the whole thing and wait three days for it to clear (since it's such a "big" check and my bank thinks I might have stolen it from somewhere.)((yeah, yeah, I know the bank policies, but do they understand that me and Daddy are hungry???))
So there's where the Cloud of Doom snuck in.
So now I'm waiting for my sister to see if she can cash it for me and I just deposit what I don't need. If not, it's going in the bank tomorrow, and I'll at least be able to cash my paycheck because my buddy at my bank knows me and will do that for me because he understands how hungry we are. Oh, and Daddy gets his first paycheck Friday. So maybe we won't go hungry again for a while. And hopefully I can still go car shopping this weekend, I think i found a car I REALLY REALLY like, but it's in Jersey City. Hmmm. A possible car trip for a car might be in order. And maybe I'll start writing posts that actually make a little bit of sense. Maybe.

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JayMonster said...

Is it really so hard to find a car in that part of the world that you would have to road trip it all the way down here to get a car?


At least let me know the dealer that you are considering buying from so I can let you know if they are at least reputable rather than wasting your time.

Depending on what dealer, and my time constraints I might even be able to go and take a look at it, but I can not make any promises on that.