Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why do I bother trying to help people?

I took my mother to the supermarket last night and as she went to get a few things, she asked me to get ham and cheese from the deli. Off she went in a scurry with my son in the carraige to load the cart in record time. (She knows I hate the market. I'm usually out in less than 20 minutes.) So I notice that the deli only had about two people standing there, I looked at the LED number thingie and it read 38. So I was about to grab a number but I noticed as I was pulling it out, the number on the paper said 59. Logic tells me they aren't using the numbers right now, since the market was dead. The lady asks if she can help me, no number called out. I place my order and this guy walks up to the number dispenser. "I don't think they're using numbers right now, " I say to him. He gives me the strangest look like how dare she speak to me yanks the number off the dispenser and walks away. Now I know he felt like an ass when he realized what number he had in his hand compared to the one on the LED screen, but I was just trying to help. Asswipe. So I got my ham and cheese and wished him luck as he waited for the LED screen to say "60".


JayMonster said...

People can really suck! Don't change who you are though to match it. There are far too few nice people as it is in this world.

J's Mommy said...

what a dumbass - don't you just love people like that? oh hey, thanks for the kind words in your post. men!!!