Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A kiss from Little Man...

He's feeling so much better. No puking for two days. Last night he actually had food other than soup. (At the babysitter's he had fruit and boiled plaintains.) I gave him some plain mashed potatoes (no butter no salt just mushed up potatoes) and he took some corn off my plate. Poop report- he gave me some (not too) solid "nuggets" this morning. I think he's normal again. Still watching.

This picture was taken last night while I was still at the babysitter's, I was on the phone with my sister and I asked him if he wanted to talk to her and he started blowing her kisses. Then he took the phone from me and was talking to her- he said "Titi" very clearly to her and I could hear her screaming with happiness. Then he started telling her "car" and "juice" and some babble. And when she was saying bye he waved and blew more kisses.

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sweatpantsmom said...

What an adorable little face.