Monday, March 20, 2006

Mental Explosion in 3....2....

Phone conversation I just had with the adminstrator at the other office. (Not the dumb bitch who never brings my paycheck, the other one.)

Her: Hey they sent me the wrong toner for the printer and I need one ASAP.
Me: Okay, so call WB Mason and order another one.
Her: But I don't know the number and I don't know what toner I need.
(Here is where I want to smash my head against my desk. Such a simple job! Their phone number is their name!!!!!! The toner has a number on it so you can order a new one!!!)
Me: You need to go to the back of the office, open up the printer and look at the numbers you see right on the toner cartridge. Write those numbers down, call 1-888-WB-MASON, and tell them that's the toner you need. Today. Right now.
Her: That's all I have to do?
Me: DuhYes. Here's the account number...blahblahblah...ask them if they can deliver it today.

This girl has been working in that office since about the time I was pregnant with my son, and not even thinking about working here, and she can't make an order from WB Mason??? (Whom I LOVE, because they are very good at making sure we get our shit the next day, no matter what a pain in the ass the Head Admin, is.) She can't even compare the prices of other office stores for certain things so we can get a better deal. Come on!!!!! I would have ordered the toner, but I'm not at the other office to see the toner number (she probably can't even find the number).

I just don't get it.

Updated five minutes later to add...the Head Admin. just came to this office because she. was. bored. But she can't bring her ass here on Thursdays to drop my paycheck off. Or pick up the phone and help the other admin order some fucking toner??? I should polish up my resume...

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