Monday, March 06, 2006

Weekend Re-Cap

*Saturday morning Little Man woke up earlier than usual. No worries, I set him on the floor with toys and books and tried to have a few more minutes of sleep. I felt him tap on my nose a few minutes later, and opened one eye.

"Ma" he said holding up the ladybug book he loves to death. (and by this I mean it's that one book he wants read over and over, and backwards, and upside down...)

"Baby, I'll read it to you in a few minutes, let Mama sleep just a little more."
"Peez." he said. My heart melted. My son has never said Please before. I say it to him all the time so that he could get an understanding of what the word means, but when he said it I swear I wanted to cry. I felt guilty for wanting to sleep while he wanted to read. Daddy lifted his head and laughed. He just sounded so cute...I sat up in bed, planted him on my lap and read the ladybug book 42 more times.
That was my sappy moment of the weekend.

*Saturday afternoon Little Man went to a birthday party. He played Pin the Tail on the Donkey, but mostly was trying to pin the tail on everyone else's ass. There was this little girl there that he loved, and he was trying to hug and kiss her most of the time we were there. I don't think she liked him very much she kept pushing him away. Maybe he came on too strong... They had a pinata at the party, but I guess they forgot they were having toddlers there, so he couldn't get any of the candy because I was not in the mood for the he had bananas instead. My sister is taking him to a birthday party next Sunday for the daughter of one of her co-workers. Let's see if he can get a girl there...hahaha.

*Sunday Daddy and Little Man and I joined friends K &S and their son on a trip to the mall. I hate malls. I hate shopping. I'm not a girly-girl that spends hours and hours at the mall browsing for deals. When I want something, I go in, pay and run out. But it was a beautiful day, and since Baby K is too young for a park (he is only three months old) we decided we would just go to the mall. As soon as we got there we ate at the food court. Then we strapped the kiddos into their strollers and literally window shopped the whole three-story mall. Little Man was so behaved it was just not normal. No crying, no tantrums, no "MA! GIMME!" He sat back in his stroller and enjoyed the view. I thought there was something wrong with him, maybe he was sick, maybe aliens came and took over his body. Nope, he was just loving the outing. I can't wait for the warmer weather so I can take him out everyday.

That was our weekend. I had fun. Oh, and no fighting. We have been conversing like humans, and today he is starting the job search again. We're hoping his BIL can get him a job where he works... Fingers Crossed

Edited to add: Did anyone else have as much trouble as I did with blogger this morning? Three hours until I could publish this post, or even view my page. WTF???? Computer Smash

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