Monday, March 20, 2006

The light is red for a reason

Lady in the Corolla: Thank your lucky stars and whatever God you pray to that the F150 has good brakes. Since you were in such a rush to get through the intersection, and ignored the yellow light turning red, you almost got smashed into the next block. Thank that same God that the guy in the F150 didn't get out of the truck just to make you look at the red light and describe its purpose to you, as I would have done. Smart move reversing back into the safe zone so that no other car would hit you. Smart move not trying to yell at the F150 guy for YOUR stupidity. Next time you'll probably stop on yellow, or at least slow the fuck down so you can see if cars are coming from somewhere.
I hate and love having huge floor to ceiling windows in my office.

okay, I don't know why but the text size won't go back down. Screw it. She needed to get yelled at.

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