Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Sometimes I feel pretty good about this Mommy thing...

I haven't mentioned this because I'm still pretty pissed about it. We moved into the small apartment. Blech. So whatever, we have about sixteen mountains of laundry to do, and my washer and dryer have yet to be delivered, so Daddy's cousin said I can go over there to wash a couple of loads. I only took enough clothes to do two loads, but before I did that I dropped Little Man off at my mother's house. She hasn't had him over in a while, so I figure I would have her watch him while I took care of the laundry. He fell asleep about fifteen minutes before I picked him up, so I put his coat and hat on and brought him home without him as much as stirring. I laid him down (on my damn bed because i have to put his crib together) and took everything off (he already had pj's on) and still, no waking up. This morning i get up and start my morning, the kid is still sleeping. While I was dressing, he rolled over and then sat up, looked at me and Daddy, and waved while giving us the biggest smile... I loved it. I guess he thought he was still going to be at Grandma's, but the look in his eyes when he saw us...well, it made up for the head butt he gave me the other day that left me with a headache.

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