Monday, March 06, 2006

It's only Monday...and already I want to kill someone here!

This is going to have a bulleted list because there are a few issues I would like to address. These points are things I wish I could list and post in my office or leave on the messaging system on our office phone. Therefore it is a rant. Feel free not to read it.
  • I CANNOT GIVE YOU THE PRICE OF THE HOUSE. Stop calling me and asking me because my answer will always be the same. If the agent you are looking for is not here, then leave them a message. This does not bother me if it's someone's first time calling, but there is this one guy that has called me more than five times in the past three days asking me for the price on a house. Doesn't want to leave the agent a voicemail, doesn't want to call back when I know the agent will be in, he just wants to torment me. (For readers that have been or will be house hunting-I don't know the rules in your state, but here, it is ILLEGAL for me to give someone the price of a house since I'm not a licensed agent. I don't know why. It's just one of those rules.
  • DON'T ASK ME TO TYPE A LETTER FOR YOU, ONLY TO BRING IT TO ME SIXTEEN TIMES WITH A NEW CORRECTION. THINK YOU FUCKING THOUGHTS OUT, AND THEN GIVE ME THE LETTER. I'm not exagerating when I say I typed this dude Caffeine a letter more than sixteen times. I will take pictures of all the "recycled" letters and post them. What pisses me off is that this dude swears I'm the one making the mistakes. I write what I'm handed. I'l make corrections that are obvious like spelling and sentence structure, but if you want to move that sentence around the whole page...DUDE! SERIOUSLY! And then my boss looks at me funny every time I say we have to order more paper. He's not here to see what this fucking guy does to me. I hate him.
  • DON'T KEEP ASKING ME WHEN THE BOSS-MAN IS COMING TO THE OFFICE. He owns the joint, if he doesn't want to come in for three days, he has every right. So either call him on his cell phone, or leave me the hell alone. I am not his wife or mother, which in my eyes are the only two people that realyy should know where he is at all times.
  • STOP TRYING TO LOOK AT WHAT IS ON MY COMPUTER SCREEN. If I'm not working on something for you, it's none of your business what I'm typing. Contrary to what I may say about checking out blogs all day, (I only do that on days there is NO ONE in the office) I actually do some work. So what is on my screen is not yours, it's someone else's private shit that if they wanted you to see it they would have had you do whatever work it needed.
  • HOW DO I GET TELEMARKETERS TO STOP BUGGING ME HERE? I don't want new cable service, I don't want new phone service, I realize you have to work, too, but seriously...

I don't know if I have anything else to write (bitch) about right now. Edits may come since I have 45 minutes left in my day... Watching The Clock

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