Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Reading My mother signed Little Man up for the weekly reading session at the library near my house. These sessions are held on Wednesdays, so Little Man can go with my sister since she takes him Wednesdays. The session is for children ages 1-3, and it hopes to prepare the kids for the concept of school. (or pre-school in this age groups case.) So the only requirement the kids have is to bring a book-bag with a toy and their sippy/bottle.(I hope hope HOPE there are no three year olds with BOTTLES!) The volunteer reads to them for an hour and they go home. Sounds nice. I hate that I can't go with him, I would love to see if he sits through an hour of a stranger reading to him, when he's home he sits in my lap with a book and gets up after about ten minutes. Maybe that's why they're having the kids bring a toy...

Weird. They must have read this, I just received this in my e-mail. They usually send me stuff about the development of toddlers. They're pretty good, I been reading their stuff since I was three months pregnant, very useful info regarding your body and children.

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sweatpantsmom said...

I used to take my girls to a similar program at a local library, and they loved it.

When they got a little older, I started taking them to a Thursday night storytime at Barnes and Noble. They loved this - the element of shopping was even more appealing.