Wednesday, March 15, 2006

He didn't cough ONCE in the doctor's office!!!!!

I was up pretty much the whole night listening to my son cough in his sleep. He didn't wake up, he would just cough. He sounded like an 80 year old with a 60 year old smoking habit. So off to the doctor this morning instead of work. His primary is on vacation but we got to see the female doctor that shares his office. Questions were asked and answered: How long has he been coughing? Two and a half days. Any fevers? Yes on Saturday and Sunday, he was given Motrin and watched and they went down within half an hour. Runny nose? Vomiting? Diarrhea? No, No, No. He is sticking his finger in his ear though, so I think maybe the ear infection hasn't gone away...
In comes the nurse with an oxygen thingie (check his oxygen levels) 100% YAY! But what about the cough? Checking heart rate, checks ears, checks throat. Cultures his ears and throat, my son is SCREAMING. (but still not coughing.) So we have another ear infection, this time just in one ear (last month it was a double) and as for the cough (what cough?) "just give him lots of water to thin out the phlegm and hopefully it will make its way out." Back in two weeks for another check on the ears. Isn't this season FUN???


Katkat said...

Oh man, I've so been there. "I swear he was coughing and green snot was everywhere Dr.!"

JayMonster said...

SOOOOOO Glad we are now past that phase. My daughter inherited my wife's asthma and my allergies. Between the two problems stuffing her up, she was guaranteed 3 ear infections in the spring and 3 or more in the fall/early winter.

It wasn't until she turned 4 that they started to go down, and 5 (knock on wood) has been a single ear infection since autumn.