Friday, March 17, 2006

Let's go car shopping!!!

My morning started off shitty, (do you see what time it is I'm writing this and already it was shitty...) had an argument with Daddy because I needed the car today to run some errands and he doesn't get out of work until eight. So we had a screamfest and I told him to shove (my) car up his ass I'll walk to the babysitter's and pick up the baby. I hate that car, that's why I am not going to fight over it. We had traded our wagon for it, because the wagon was going to hell (transmission and other bullshit) and this car was crappy but it ran and it would get me to work. Why I hate a running car: it's a two door. Anyone with kids KNOWS how that goes. Especially with kids in car seats. The door handle on the driver's side is missing (GHETTO-how the hell does someone lose that? really...) so I have to basically break OUT of my car, using a screw-driver to open the door from the inside. It's needs to be inspected, so I'm a time-bomb waiting to be stopped by the cops.
Daddy calls me a half-hour after he drops me off at work. "Somebody must really love you" he says. "Why." I say coldly. I don't want to talk to him. "The lawyer just called. Your money is ready."
Now let me stop to say that I have never mentioned this for fear that the Cloud of Doom would take over my case and I would never get anything out of it. Daddy and I, when we were dating, were out for a drive one day. We were at a red light and when the light turned green-we went. And so did the guy in a truck coming from our left (who had a red light). He smashed into us, dragged the car for a few feet and then decided to leave the scene. He was caught by the police a short time later, turns out he was drunk. (It was like 3 in the afternoon). So he spent the night in jail, and we spent the next 9 months going to chiropracter appointments. Not a secret we were suing, my car was totaled, I had to be out of work for a while. Thing is, his insurance company refused to pay us saying we didn't have proof it was him. WRONG! I had many many witnesses. So fast forward 4 years to today, and my lawyer has our checks.
So now I'm going car shopping! And now I can get a car that I like, that has four doors, and a door handle, and I won't have to figure out how I'm getting home from work!!! And I don't have to call anybody for a ride! And now my Friday became so much fucking better I could scream because all the frustrations I've had clouding my head all month-YEAR!- will be taken care of. My debt (some of it anyway), necesities for my son... It's not even a big check, but it's going to help. And it will make me feel better about having to worry where I'm going to get the money to buy groceries for us, and get gas for the car(S!), and get medicine for my son...
Today is a good day. Cloud of Doom- Let me enjoy it please!!!!
I hope everyone is having a great day. I really do. And it's Friday, and I might not do freebies like her, I will still provide some time wasters! (After I search for cars for a few minutes...)
And you should stop by and get some freebies from her, she has some good shit...I will say I have already ordered a few things, still waiting for them to come in so I can send her a shout-out.


JayMonster said...

Are you keeping the P.O.S. car for the hubby? If so, (sorry for being the cloud of doom here), beware the spectre of the additional insurance costs.

sweatpantsmom said...


Nobody should have to open their car door with a screwdriver, unless you're stealing it.