Wednesday, September 06, 2006

An Announcement

My son is getting very verbal, as you saw by the list of words he is saying in context. He can pretty much get his point across at any time using just one word.
Two words that I (subconsciously? Could I have been repressing this memory?) left out were 'pee-pee' and 'ka-ka'. My son lets us know when he needs a diaper change. Not always, but usually.
A couple of weeks ago we took Little Daddy to the mall to go school clothes shopping. His Whore mother told us he needed jeans and sneakers, so off we went.
We were just finishing up in the sneaker store, standing at the cash register when my dearest son (who is in the stroller) opens his legs wiiiiide, puts his hand right on his diaper area and says in his loudest voice "MOMMY! KA-KA! MOMMY!"
"Thank you baby." I said, quickly signing the slip.
The girl at the register starts to laugh and says "At least he tells you..."
"Honey, he would tell the world."
So Dennis, how's that for a compliment to your "tooted!" story?


dennis said...

weeeell, I would have to say that the visuals provided by the announcement are too much!


I must say you handled it better than I would have done.

Diana said...

I was embarrassed beyond belief. Daddy and Little Daddy were giggling like school girls behind me...But I'm the mommy, I'm supposed to act like that's normal, right?

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

At least he didn't pull the KA-KA out and handed it to you.
My niece did that to my wife.

Diana said...

tony-LOL!!!! Thank God Almighty he hasn't successfully learned to work the velcro on the diapers! (And now you know, as soon as i wrote that sentence he learned how to do it, right? because that's the way things work...

Mama of 2 said...

Ah... the things I have to look forward to Diana. I would have been embarrassed too. But I have one to top your story and thankfully it happened to my friend and not me. Standing in line at the bank she let her son play in her purse to occupy him since the line was long and wouldn't you know he pulled out a tampon and asked her what the funny marker was for.

When relating the story to me she was laughing but I can only imagine her horror especially since she was standing in line between 2 men.

sourpatchbaby said...

LOL! I don't know whose story is funnier, mamma of 2 or Diana's. Rolling on the floor laughing here. Think am getting fired or something, having too much fun here.