Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I got my medical degree in the Cheerios box!

Went to the pediatrician's office. Can you tell I'm happy? Skipping and whistling?
So you know me better than I thought.
They can't figure it out either. "Keep up with the antibiotics and call us if he spikes a fever or the eye gets worse."
but yet, when I told them the ER didn't do that, they seemed upset. I'm thinking I'm going to make an appointment with my eye doctor for him, maybe they can get a good look in there.
It's like a medical mystery when I tell them he isn't complaining about the eye, isn't rubbing it, they actually brought the other two doctors in the practice to come look. But they still want him on the antibiotics? It's like they're drugging him for anything, and I don't like it. "Eh, this should clear it up..."
Give it a few days...

My ass.

*Thank all of you who sent well-wishes. Really I appreciate them.


Mama of 2 said...

Oh Diana....what a joke that is.
I would be highly upset too.

It is rather odd that Little Man isn't complaining in any way. You would think that he would be. I would give it a day at the most and if it isn't better I'd be back in their office. I mean I always thought it didn't take more than a day or 2 of antibiotics for things to begin to clear up.

Again -- keep us posted.

Self-Proclaimed Supermom said...


Aww, hope all is well soon :)

Diana said...

I do find it odd myself that he isn't complaining, I mean if my eye were swollen almost shut...when I'm looking at his eye he looks at me like I'm strange to be inspecting him.
and the thing that gets me is IT'S RED! Red on an eye means something is wrong!

Tuesday Girl said...

Poor baby!
I really hope he is better soon!!!!

Mama of 2 said...

Hey Diana....
I was thinking perhaps you should take him to an eye doctor?
I know when my own Little Man was just over a year his one eye had a bright red streak through it. It bothered me cause normally the whites of his eyes were pure white. I went to my pedi's office and while after some prodding they did give me antibotic ontiment to put in his eye I was less than satisifed with their approach.
I took him to my own eye doctor just to have his eye looked at. All turned out to be fine and they told me to keep with the ontiment.

It was just a thought if it's all still bothering you.

dennis said...

geez when did your doctor's get their med degrees? Sounds like they were about to leech him back to health!

I have the '2x4' of happiness if you want to go back and reason with the doctors..?

Hope Little Man is better soon.