Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More car stuff

.S. has been Daddy's friend since Elementary School, (grade school to most of you) and he is my friend by default. He is not "MY FRIEND" where I knew him before my relationship with Daddy, because I didn't actually meet him until after Daddy and I got together. He also came to our high school, but I was a geek, remember?
Anyhoo, .S.'s wife .K. is not into cars. .S. is always telling Daddy he is lucky to have me because they can talk cars to me and I 'get it'. I'm like the wife that likes football, the guy friends love it. I'm always opening my e-mail knowing that there will be something there from .S. having to do with car shows, or car videos. A lot of them are great, I just don't subject you to them because I know your interest is in Elmo, not in cars. (Everyone comes here for Elmo, remember?)
This morning he sends me a link to a Mustang Forum (he likes American Muscle as well as Imports) and I thought I would share this one because there was a conversation on another blog about the old versus the new 'Stangs. As I understood in the forum, they basically give you the inside look on any and all new parts and modifications that become available to make your 'Stang GO! Something that I found interesting was that Kelly Clarkson owned a Hot Pink Convertible Mustang, but recently got rid of it because she found out her car wasn't an 'original' design, an 'adult film star' has the same exact car. The car looked great, but I guess she didn't want to be confused with the adult film star.
Check out the site, I know there are some car enthusiasts at heart that stop by here every once in a while, even if it is when they're searching for the little red demon.

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Anonymous said...

That Kelly Clarkson story is just a rumor. She got a pink ford mustang from Ford, for sponsering her tour, she then gave the pink stang to her best friend because she really didn't need a car, and, as a nice gester for all her friend does for her. That was back in May or June....this porn star just wants some publicity, must have a flick coming out or something, lol