Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Childhood Memories

Two more months.

That's how much time I have before my bossman brings the tree for me to decorate. Last year we had a real tree in our office, but I'm considering telling my boss to get an artificial Christmas tree this year. Our tree was gorgeous, huge, and smelled great but it started drying too soon and the pine needles were getting everywhere. The day I took it down, I smelled like pine needles all day and I swear I was picking them out of my hair for an hour. He had a fake tree in the Other Office, I don't see the difference, it's not like he's partial to real trees.
We always had a fake tree while I was growing up. Actually I think my mother has had the same tree since we moved here...I'm going to have to ask her. I remember one year I asked her why we had to have a fake tree, why we couldn't have a real tree like Aunt So-and-so. She always used to tell me that our tree was better because it didn't die, and it held on to our Christmas memories year after year, like magic, making the tree like a family member. I really think that it was because of the convenience of not having to deal with buying a tree every year, the easy storage (we just folded it up and put it back in the box) and the fact that we didn't have to vaccuum under it every single day. We never worried about fires with our tree, as the real trees are more of a fire hazard than fake trees. And I think she was also looking out for my health, since I had asthma and allergies they both probably would have been triggered by a real tree. Come to think of it, I was always sneezing when we had the real tree in here last year...hmmm...
Well, that's it. I'm making sure to tell my bossman next time I see him that we can't have a real tree this year...let's see if I win this one.


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

We had an aluminum Christmas tree until about 1984 (or so). It was cool! It had this light with a color wheel so it changed colors.

I wish I had that tree still. But I think the light color wheel caught fire or got really hot.

Diana said...

Funny, it goes from "Oooh, the colors!" to "OH! The fire!"
It didn't burn your presents did it???

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

No, just a whole lot of smoke came out of it while it was on. I think the color cells where all warped....or it lived through too much Disco and wanted to end its existence.