Friday, September 08, 2006

Fun with Hookahs

Go into a Smoke Shop and take a look around. Then go into the 7 Eleven near my house and look around, you will see the exact. Same. Products.
I laughed while I was in there (picking up milk, I swear!) because the daughter of the guy in front of me (she may have been about five) was asking him what "those things" were and pointing at the...stuff.
The poor guy, he must have turned four different shades of red and finally said "Those are hookahs."
At first I thought I heard him say "hookers" but thankfully his daughter made him repeat himself, and I was wrong.
"What's a hookah, Daddy?" she asked.
I was intrigued on how he was going to handle this one.
He sighed. "People use them to smoke tobacco when they don't have cigarettes."
Nice save. It is true, they can be used to smoke tobacco, but I'd like to meet one person who actually uses it for tobacco...
"They're pretty. Can I have one? In pink?"
"Honey, you don't need one of those."
Finally they paid and left, but I bet the little girl probably went home talking about them. Hopefully the mother understands that they didn't see hookers at the store...


sourpatchbaby said...

LOL! My gosh, I don't think I would've handled it better than him. The world is really going down the drain. The things that pass as "normal" today would not have been considered so when I was a wee one.

dennis said...

Hookahs at the 7-Eleven?

No, that won't sound good coming from the dad or the 5-year-old...

girl: Mommy daddy and I saw hooka's at the 7-Eleven! Can I have one?
dad: 'ahem' I don't think so baby. They're too expensive'
mom: They are are they? and how do you know this?
dad: I'll go get the blanket and pillow and sleep on the couch shall i?