Friday, September 22, 2006

In need of serious sleep

For four days, four very long days I have not gotten any sleep. It's not because of my son (though last night it could have been his fault), it's not because I'm up like a crackhead watching Sex and the City and Friends reruns (they only give them at 11 and 11:30 now)...I don't know why it is. I go to bed at ten, the latest, which is earlier than usual for me anyway, but I've started doing it so I won't feel so tired and sluggish in the morning and throughout the day. But it seems that I've been waking up several times a night, for no reason, and just can't go back to sleep. WTF??? In turn, that makes me MORE tired and sluggish because it seems that when the alarm goes off, I had just finally fallen back asleep. Last night I was actually in a deep sleep when I heard Little Man whimpering, but the whimper seemed so far away I thought I was really dreaming. I felt next to me for him and only felt Daddy. Uh-oh, that's not right, Little Man sleeps between us. I jump up in bed feeling around for him, he was at the foot of the bed, almost falling off. He was still asleep, I dragged him back up and put him under the covers, my heart beating a mile a minute. All I could keep thinking about was what if he fell? And then why can't I go back to sleep? And then I can't get comfortable. And then what are we having for dinner tomorrow? And so on and so forth. Counting Sheep I actually started TELLING MYSELF I had to go to sleep, trying to clear my mind and just concentrate on breathing...It felt like it took hours for me to get back to sleep. Then I hear the church bells. I thought the church bells rang at seven, it can't be seven already, I'm supposed to be getting dressed at seven... I look at the clock. It was seven. Somehow I turned the damn alarm off.
I was only nine minutes late this morning, but of course there was someone here waiting. There is never anyone here to see me arrive on time or early everyday, but there is always someone to see me get here late.
I need some sleep. Any recommendations?


JayMonster said...

Tylenol PM, and if you drink caffinated beverages (including soda, or diet soda), stop earlier in the evening.

SuperMom said...

I know what it is...

Just kidding...sort of. I finally logged onto Bloglines and you had THIRTY FOUR freaking new posts since I last visited!!

Of course, I am A BIT behind these days ;-)

Anyhoo, you need some wind down time. I find that if I stay up too late reading or doing homework or anything that requires thought, I cannot sleep well. I have to have time to veg.

Hope it passes soon.