Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Cleaning House

Daddy was eating his dinner in the living room by himself last night, I wasn't hungry so I boycotted dinner. Little Man got to eat his spaghetti while sitting on my bed, he thought it was exciting but I just didn't feel like sitting at the dinner table while he ate in his high chair. I looked around our bedroom, at the stupid crib that only holds hope of being used again before we make it a full-sized bed for the stupid boxes of old clothes that Daddy and I haven't unpacked since we moved in because we don't use the clothes but maybe will...
I marched into the living room (it felt like marching) and sat on the couch next to Daddy.
He looked at me with a mouthful of food and nodded.
"I want to do something this weekend."
He seemed unsure he wanted to hear my plans, but nodded again. (What is it with you guys stuffing so much food in your mouths?)
"We have to get rid of all those clothes. We're never going to use them again. Someone might need them."
More nodding.
"So I want us to go through the boxes and take the clothes out and make sure nothing we really want is in there, so I can put them in bags and go drop them off at the donation center."
More nodding.
"And then I want to take the front off the crib, make it a daybed for him and see if he sleeps in that."
It was like a lightbulb flickering back on.
"Good idea." was all he said.
That was all I needed. I went back into the room to lay down and think of when to go to the dollar store and pick up garbage bags for the clothes. But I decided to say here, first...if anyone has a teenage daughter/niece that might need some jeans (sizes 1-5) (yes I WAS that skinny bitch) I'm all about giving them to someone who might need'em rather than see the Salvation Army sell them. Or anyone who has a son/nephew who needs any clothes (I don't remember exactly what Daddy has in there).
We are never going to use these clothes again. I'm not going back to size 1 EVER again. (Though I would like to maybe see size 5 sometime) and my breasts will never let me wear a size XS (or S for that matter) seeing as how they like their size and sagginess. I thought about selling them on ebay, but that would require me to keep them in the damn house until they sold, and well, I want them out pronto.
So if you know of anyone, let me know. They are free. They are in great condition. And they are free.

***Oh duh, I also have a shitload of baby clothes and things that my dear son wore like once. He had so many clothing items his first year of life, I don't think we repeated any outfits. Also being given away! Lots of baby t-shirts and wash cloths and cute baby sweat suits...and sneakers...


dennis said...

So good luck with the clothes and the sagginess! :)

See that is why men stuff so much food in their mouths. Keeps us from saying stupid things like above. Besides, usually a grunt and a nod to indicate that we are in line with the marching orders are enough. :)

Mama of 2 said...

SOunds like you are doing what I need to do myself. I have drawers full of clothes I havne't worn in at least a year which means I more than likely won't be wearing them again. I am just too lazy to sit down and get to it.

I think I need you to march into my living room as you did your own and tell me to get off my ass.

As for the baby boy clothes. I have a guy I work with who just had a baby boy who might be interested in them if they are still available. Let me know.

As for E-bay...honestly I have never had much luck selling stuff on there. My friend does great but me not so much.

Oh, The Joys said...

Oh the joys of purging... I LOVE to purge.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

We ended up either donating or selling our daughter's old clothes to a childrens second-hand shop.

My wife went crazy with the shopping.

Diana said...

dennis-LOL! The non-evolution of the cavemen...
mamaof2-e-mail me. We could set something up.
OTJ, I love it too. It's spring cleaning in September!
tony- the crazy thing is I didn't buy any of these clothes. They were all given to me at my baby shower, that's why I'd rather give them to someone who needs them...but we do go a little crazy with the shopping...

Suburban Turmoil said...

Good for you getting rid of stuff you don't need! I'm working on that, too.