Friday, September 22, 2006

Die Sprint, DIEEEE!!!

I hate my cell phone. How many people can actually say they love theirs? I absolutely, positively hate hate hate my phone. That's why I never even carry the stupid thing with me, I always tell Daddy "Here , you take it. I don't need it." Er, I don't WANT it. I don't know the model number, but I have a Sprint phone, and you wouldn't believe how many calls I lose. I've been on the phone trying to get directions somewhere, and I'll think the person on the other line is just staying quiet, but NO, the call has been dropped. You would think they reimburse you for that, right? Uh-uh. No way.
The only time I take my phone with me anywhere is when I'm going to be in the car with Little Man by myself for a while. Just in case anything happens, I can always call someone. Other than that, ask me where my phone is and at best you'll get a shrug from me. Most of the time Little Man is playing with it anyway "calling" people. He walks around the house on it all the time.
I just tried calling Daddy to see what he wants for lunch, and just after I say hello the line went dead. DEAD. And everytime I call back, I get the voicemail. Stupid phone. It's like, you spend so much time shopping around and searching for the best deals on cell phones, and you still end up with crap.
I think the only thing I like about my phone is the camera. I love taking pictures of my guys, and without having the stupid phone close by I would miss out on my photo ops. I need to buy a new digital camera, let's see if I get one for Christmas for myself.
Let's see if I can get through to Daddy now...


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

I actually like my cell phone (with verizon). I rarely get a call dropped, only in really hilly zones does it go dead. But I'm rarely in hilly zones because scary people live there.

JayMonster said...

Sprint Su... er... Stinks.

Although Verzion Wireless can be a pain with things like turning off features on phones they sell, the service is the best.

About the only thing worse than Sprint is that god awful web site that you link to which is nothing but a huge ad. It doesn't provide anything but advertiser links, and provides nothing to the vistor.

Anonymous said...

I actually like my cell phone, too (US Cellular, but that is mostly east coast). We actually were happy enough with our cell service and plan that we had our land line taken out. Nobody ever used it except for the telemarketers who always called during dinner. And this way, I NEVER have to take messages for anybody since everybody gets their own calls on their own cell phone. Yay! That made things WAY easier with teen-agers.

Tricia said...

I HATE MY CELL PHONE (SAMSUNG SUCKS!) But, my provider is evil Cingular. But, their moble to mobile minutes are why I use them.

But - I hate them. I mean - if I want a new phone - why can't I get a new phone? Without paying over $300? Why do I have to wait until a year into my contract - and then I need to sign another two year contract.