Friday, September 15, 2006

A new awning, a new beginning

Bossman called earlier today to tell me the New Mortgage People are getting their awning put up on one of our windows. The guys who were supposed to be here three hours ago, still have not shown up and I imagine thanks to the rain we will still have the Old Mortgage People's awning up, falsely advertising their affiliation to our office. Ah, the business world, gotta love it.
And since it is raining, I'm am deeply bored because the phone has not rung once in the past hour and a half. No funny phonecalls, no wrong numbers...not a thing. So I got into our system and started looking at mansions, imagining what it would be like to live in a four million dollar house on the beach that comes fully equipped with guest house and year-round landscapers at my beck and call. What's funny is that you can punch the info about these houses on a Mortgage Calculator and see what your monthly payments would be. "That's it? Oh, write up a contract for me now please!"
I mock because I know I will never buy a four million dollar house on the beach, but that calculator can actually come in handy to determine your payments on a normal house you'd be interested in.
More exploring...I'm not sure if I could post pictures of these mansions, but how I wish I could show them to you!
One of the New Mortgage guys actually stopped by to show me a picture of the new awning that's going to be put up, it's alright. Not great, but alright. Then he tried to sell me on Home Equity Loans and Mortgage Refi information, and I'm all like "Dude, wrong person, I don't own!" So he got this kind of depressed look and left. I should have told him to spread the word to his buddies, as I'm not sure which of them is coming into our office: "Don't talk to the girl at the desk about Mortgages, she will cut you off and you will look stupid. That is all. Carry on."
Someday we will own a home. Not any time soon, but someday. It might not be the four million dollar beach home, but it will be nice and it will be ours.
Now, I'm off to search for some funnies for you, as I am still in need of some smiling myself. Nothing makes me happier than seeing those around me happy.


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Before we bought, my wife and I kind of enjoyed going to see houses and model homes.
I always like to make up stories about who these people are.

As for posting pictures of those houses...I say, go for it! I want to see. Out here a million dollar home looks like a $200K home somwhere else.
It's not exciting.

JayMonster said...

If the houses are listed in your states MLS (Multi-Listing-Service), you could link to the picures of the home without either revealing or causing any company trouble.

The one thing that mortgage calculator doesn't tell you... How much that monthly payment is once you add the escrow account and Property Tax Payment. Those two items add damn near double the amount of my monthly payment.

Diana said...

We do have the MLS services here, but when i log in on my number, it shows all the info about the house (address, price, crap...I'm logged in as Admin so I get 'priveleges'), so linking would still be bad. I am going to find that 4 million dollar beach house and copy the pic onto here, I think i could do that without getting into too much trouble. How could they trace it, right?

dennis said...

I'm with Tony post the pics! (for a moment there I was reading that Tony and wife were out looking at mobile homes...I need more sleep!)