Wednesday, September 20, 2006

What are your driving pet peeves?

A question that Mama of 2 has presented her readers with. (Well, she did a couple days ago. I'm slow.) But it got me thinking about the annoyances we deal with on the road. I'm not a perfect driver, but I try to avoid doing really stupid things so that no one has to stick their head out the window and call me an idiot.
Here are some things I hate about other drivers, and therefore avoid doing myself:
  • It's a stop sign, not a red light. Yes, i know we have to stop for a certain amount of time but when you are at a four-way stop sign and nobody moves for a good thirty seconds? Idiots. First come, first serve is the rule. Follow it.
  • Don't change lanes without your turning signal. Especially when I'm coming up on the side of you and you make no effort to warn me that you're crossing over to allow me to slow down for you, so I have to slam on my brakes so I don't hit you.
  • Turn you turning signal off after you have changed lanes. You're in the fast lane, you can't go any further left than you are now.
  • Don't expect me to let you cut in front of me when I have been sitting in this line for twenty minutes and you snuck up through the break down lane to 'catch a break'. Hell no. I will kiss the bumper in front of me rather than let you in, it is not fair that I obeyed the law and sat in traffic for so long just so you could cut us all off. Travelling in the breakdown lane is illegal, I hope you get caught. (BTW- on my way to work the other day I noticed a line of cars stopped in the breakdown lane, I thought someone had an accident. I go up a little more and saw that there were five state troopers there stopping everyone who used the breakdown lane to cut everyone off. I smiled the whole way to work. Good.)
  • Don't ride my ass. My son is in the car and if you hit me I will get out of the car and HURT YOU. Badly.
  • Don't try to race me. Yes, my car is a Honda, which is an extremely popular car used for street racing, but I'm not a street racer. Stop coming up behind me revving your engine at me trying to start a race, don't come up next to me and pretend to accelerate and slow down. Let me get where I have to go.

There is more, I know, but I can't think of anything else right now. Anybody want to add their pet peeves to the list? Feel free!


creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

-People who drive REALLY slow in the left lanes on the Freeway. Like really slow.

-Nosepicker drivers.

-Kids in Acura's who weave in and out of traffic like they're Ricky Bobby.

Mama of 2 said...

Well I have to say Diana you hit quite a few of my pet peeves with your list. The best is the person in front of you driving for miles with their turn signal still blinking away. I agree where the hell do they think they are turning Peoria?

BTW - Thanks for the acknowledgement of my post from the other day.

Colleen said...

People who don't wait for their turn at a 4 way stop!

Diana said...

How about people who are trying to get through an intersection, but get caught in traffic and block the whole intersection so no one can get by from any side?
I hate those, too. Happened to me a block away from my house last night. I wanted to clock the lady, she saw she wasnt going to get anywhere but pushed up anyway so I couldn't get by. Bitch. (In CT it's illegal to block intersections. Not here. THey should make it a law.)

dennis said...

Man! I hate following those Amish buggies up hills! You never go fast enough and if you try to pass before they get over the hump you chance being flattened by oncoming traffic!!

Tricia said...

I hate it when I'm going above the posted speed limit and I'm still being tailed!

I hate it when someone in front of me is going 10 miles BELOW the limit - and then they start tapping their brakes AT ME!

How about the one who is smoking AND talking on the cell phone.

That one cracks me up!

sourpatchbaby said...

How about people that don't stop at stop signs and expect you to slow down while they make a right turn while looking at you and giving you the evil eye? The other day my husband was literally within inches of a crash because some stupid fool didn't want to stop at the sign for a few seconds. And those people behind you in a left turn lane that keep honking at you trying to hurry you up even though they can tell there's too much traffic going on to even attempt to cross the intersection.