Monday, September 25, 2006

Call me Crutch

I'm injured. I have a doctor's note, can't be in gym class for three weeks. Hehe...
Seriously, I haven't been able to walk since Friday. See, there's this hole in our back yard that we KNOW is there, and always avoid it. Daddy has tripped on it a few times (we cut through the back to get inside) and I have laughed at him, telling him "You know the damn thing is THERE!" Daddy got to laugh at me on Friday, before he realized I was actually injured! Then he laughed harder...
I was walking on the cement part and for some reason my foot decided it wanted to go towards the grass at the precise location of the stupid hole. And my foot went into the hole SIDEWAYS. I was laughing, too, believe it or not because I knew Daddy was going to say it was Karma kicking my ass for laughing at him, but the thing was really hurting. So I spent Friday night with my leg propped up on my extra pillows and trying to keep Little Man from jumping on that leg. (Though why is it that they are magnetized to the area you are injured? Why do they specifically have to jump at you from three feet in the air and land right on that ONE part of your leg that is throbbing anyway???) "Going to the doctor?" Daddy asked.
"Hell no. This will be fine tomorrow."
Why do I open my big mouth?
Saturday morning was the baptizm. Good times. (Hear the sarcasm?) But I was in church and I behaved myself. I was wearing heels and limping horribly, and my MIL was all worried about me, kept telling me to go to the doctor.
Saturday afternoon was a BBQ held at my SIL's MIL's house. The Whore was NOT invited, so it was a good time, Little Man was running around with the other kids and I was trying not to walk. I changed into a pair of flat sandals, but I was still limping when I got up. My MIL was passing by every once in a while telling me to go get checked, and she would tell Daddy to make sure I went. The concern was appreciated by me, though it did surprise me a bit. (I must interrupt myself here to say there has been a drastic change by my MIL and one of my SIL, I will have to write another post on it...drama!)
Saturday night I couldn't even sleep. Little Man kept kicking my leg in his sleep, and I couldn't get comfortable even with my extra pillows. I woke Daddy up to tell him we were going to the doctor in the morning. He nodded, but I don't think he heard me.
Sunday morning came and we dropped Little Man off at my sister's house. (Who wants an almost two year old running around in the ER with sick people around?) Three hours later finds me with a wrap on my leg, a prescription for vicodin for the pain (do they just give these away for anything now?) and plans to see the doc again Wednesday to see if it's better. He didn't see a break (good) but thinks I might have just 'irritated the muscle'. Hmmmm, okay, whatever doc. Went home and took Advil and laid down. Little Man napped from 4-7 which helped me out a lot by giving me more rest time. Daddy picked dinner up and as far as the pain- almost gone. Cool. Today I can actually walk without having to hold on to something, and standing and sitting is better, too.
Now, to do some work...


Mama of 2 said...

I guess you get a reprieve from having to exercise....for now that is.

I hope you are feeling better though. I can only imagine what the pain must have been like.

How about you have Daddy fill in the damn hole?!?

Diana said...

mamaof2- I told him to fill the hole, but it's really up to the landlord. (we rent) I would sue, but she is Daddy's aunt, so that wouldn't go over well. I did tell her what happened, let's see if she does something soon. The snow is coming soon here, i don't want to fall again.