Friday, September 08, 2006

Oh. My. Goooooooooood!

I guess she got jealous that I spoke about The Shitter and not her. She must have felt it deep in her bones, because of all days and times, today Friday afternoon at quarter to five- FIFTEEN MINUTES BEFORE I GO HOME Stoopid decides to make a pit stop at my desk.
"Are you working on letters for Beantown?"
"Tell me, what is it that you're doing?"
"I'm working on letters for Beantown."
"Well, I want to send letters out, too."
"The letters he is having me send out are for a property he sold, is that the same letter you want to send out?"
"Well, I haven't sold any properties..."
"So, then I guess we can't send that letter out."
"Well, what if we sent out introduction letters, telling everyone that I am at this office."
"You already did that. Remember the 200 + postcards we sent out the first week you were here?"
"But no one has called me."
"Sometimes people don't call. The market has been slow." Do I have to tell you this every day? Do I really?
"Can you design a letterhead for me?"
What??? Are you fucking kidding me?
"We use company letterhead here. I don't design anything for anyone. I'm an administrator, not an artist."
"But I want something different."
"Order personal letterhead."
"But you look so artistic."
What the hell does that mean?

I'm off. It's Friday, I stopped listening after she said that. Eventually she walked away. Seriously...


momsgoneloony said...

I agree, although I haven't seen you in person, and don't really know are an artistic sort of gal....can you design something for me? Doesn't matter what...just use your psychic powers combined with the artistic ones and come up with something...BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

dennis said...

I have not gotten any phone calls recently. Can you please stop taking my calls...oh and please forward them to me??

Plus you are so creative, I not only need letterhead but can you take some time and redesign the interior of our home?

Thank you!!

I so love when stoopid stops by and brightens your day!!

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Oh my gosh...
That's funny!! I guess you were wearing your black beret, black pants, red & white striped shirt, right?

I think you should go into work dressed as a doctor on Monday. She might ask you to perform surgery. Then just before you remove her brain, tell her you found a peanut.

n!ta said...


i thought i was funny til i read tony's.


seriously though?! please look for reasons to talk to Stoopid. so.effing.funny!

Mama of 2 said...

Well Diana...I am getting in line for some artistically designed letterhead.
You ever think of playing the Bill Engval record..."Here's Your Sign" whenever Stoopid happens to stop at your desk?
If you need a copy I will gladly burn one and send it your way.

Diana said...

LOL! You guys are all killing me!