Friday, September 01, 2006

Diana=0, Karma=2

Remind me never to say things are normal. Because then they stop being normal. The good news is I got out of going to the stupid "Welcome New Mortgage Company!" party last night, bad news is I would have rather lied than have the excuse I had.
Photographic evidence:

My baby got hurt. My son's babysitter lives two houses away from a playground, how nice, right? Little Man gets to go to the playground two or three times a day and play. Well, yesterday he was calling her youngest son (who is 19 or 20) so he could go to the park. As he was walking towards the youngest son's bedroom, he tripped over his own feet (which he does a lot, he is my son after all.) and SMACK! right on the cement tile floor she has on the basement floor. That made for the babysitter freaking out and washing him up and getting creams and band-aids and checking his eye (hey, she's just like me!) and well, the playground was delayed by about an hour as she watched him to make sure he was still normal. When I went to pick him up he was at the playground with a bump and a band-aid, still laughing and having a grand ol' time.
But he's fine. When he woke up this morning the swelling had already gone down, all that's left is the scratch (the darker spot above his eyebrow) and just a little bit of red-turning blue around it. All the red that came down past his eye is mostly gone.
So I didn't have to go to the party. (YAY!) I stayed home with my little guy giving him ice pops (he's still teething on top of this) and extra hugs and kisses.
Cricket, you're in good company today.


Kristen said...

Awe poor guy! I'm glad he's okay and I'm glad you didn't have to go to the stupid dinner thing.

Mama C-ta said...

Ack, oh no! Glad to see they bounce back so well. Well Cricket was getting bored all alone in bruiser-ville.

Jen said...

The poor sweet boy!! At least it was really serious, and you still go out of the work thing!

Diana said...

Kristen: so am I. So am I.
Mama C-Ta: funny thing is my kid is always getting bruised one way or another, but I can usually hide it with pants or something. (It's usually his legs)
Jen: oh yes. I couldn't have been happier to get out of it. I just hated something actually happend to him in the process...

JayMonster said...

Kids get bumps and bruises. As parents we all hate it... but we also know it is seemingly inevitable.

My daughter is a dainty little princess (most of the time), and still her legs (with her it is usually the legs too) wind up looking like she got into a scuffle with Tanya Harding.

Glad the Little Man is A-OK.