Thursday, September 14, 2006


  • When I walked into my office this morning it smelled like Doritos. I don't think I've ever eaten those chips in here before, and the smell actually made me wonder what people do in here when I'm gone. Parties?
  • A man called looking for my boss. I told him he was at the other office and gave him the number. He asked me if I could please transfer him. I was confused for a moment, then said "I can't transfer you, sir, that is a totally different office. That's why I gave you the number..." He was upset.
  • The Shitter just walked into the office and looked at me funny. "Cold?" he asked. It's 60 degrees outside, I'm sitting in front of a door that is constantly being opened...I'm wearing my jacket... I really felt like saying "NO." but I just smiled and nodded.
  • The men with the trucks seem to have forgotten they were working on the sidewalks outside, they haven't been here for two days. So now we have no sidewalks, just piles of dirt and CAUTION tape everywhere.

to be continued...

  • Yesterday my son learned how to say Te Amo...I Love You in Spanish. Hearing those words come out of his mouth was the best thing I could ever hear. I keep thinking about it and making myself smile.
  • I just received an e-mail from one of my SIL's. In it she said she wishes I would leave her brother. I want to leave my office and just run into my sons arms and have him tell me he loves me. Because if I run anywhere else it will be straight to jail before i kill anyone.
  • I'm shaking right now. I'm so angry. I'm so sad.


Kristen said...

The men with trucks forget to come to work in Florida too- You should see it- there are piles of dirt on the side of the road construction that have been there so long, they are growing weeds! HUGE TALL WEEDS.

Oh, The Joys said...

Ew. Dorito smell. Yuck.

Rebecca said...

Man oh have some very colorful in-laws. I'm sorry to hear that.

Mama of 2 said...

What the hell kind of SIL is that?
Man Diana I feel for you. Even my husband's family isn't that bad.

I'll help you kick her ass if you would like me to.

dennis said...

I don't know. I think you should single out that SIL for all the sweet lovin' you can muster. She is probably the only one on his side of the family that was openly honest with you.

Or you can tell hubs that she/they are dead to you now and the next time their shadows darken your doorstep will be the last time his shadow does the same!

The fun I could have with your in-laws...but then I am just twisted. ask anybody. :)

Jaelithe said...

I think you should tell the SIL that you wish you could go back in time and knock loudly on her parents' door shouting "POLICE!" right before the moment of her creation, thus ensuring she would never be born.

(No, I don't really think you should tell her that. But it was fun to thin about).

I empathize, being sort of in an opposite situation where my sister's boyfriend of several years has decided to hate me and therefore is constantly causing problems in my relationship with my sister. I don't wish he would leave my sister-- she loves him, and that would make her terribly sad. I just wish he would shape the F$&# up and stop being such a bitch to everyone who doesn't agree immediately with all of his ideas and opinions.

momsgoneloony said...

Write her back an email....say "fuck you"...that is all.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

"my office this morning it smelled like Doritos"

I wish my office smelled like Doritos AND KFC.

Tricia said...

I would call your SIL on the phone and tell her you want to discuss her email in person rather than in an email - it's so impersonal. Call her on the carpet.