Thursday, August 31, 2006

Karma throws a punch...DIRECT HIT!!!

I told you I shouldn't have opened my big fat mouth yesterday. While nothing happened with my son (phew) Karma decided to take a punch at my car.
I haven't had a problem with the stupid car since the whole transmission fiasco I never wrote about because I would have killed someone I was so angry. The car has been driving fine, has been pretty good on gas (YAY for 4 cylinder Hondas!) and, shit, the AC has worked on really hot days. Can't complain.

Until yesterday.

I wrote yesterdays post and got some work done. 12 o'clock rolls around, and I call Daddy to tell him I'm on my way. I get into the car, turn the key, and...nothing. No lights, no turning of the motor, no radio...the battery is dead. I check my lights-they were off.
I start making phonecalls to the agents I like, to see if any of them are close by with some jumper cables. Nope, not a one. I start calling the Other Office. My boss says "eat lunch at one of the restaurants on the Avenue.""Um, yeah, but that still won' t get my car moving and I do have a home to get to later."
So he tells me to go to the gas staion near my office and tell them to give me a jump, that he would pay for it if it came to them wanting money. (No one does anything for free anymore). They send a guy with a battery pack, he hooks the cables up...and still nothing.
I think I hear a faint clicking sound coming from inside the car, maybe a bomb?
He says the battery pack must be dead and goes in search of another. He returns with a second battery pack, still nothing. But I still hear the stupid clicking. WTF is that? He starts looking around under my hood and starts banging on the starter it's not the starter buddy and touching shit don't touch anything under there and tells me my starter must have gone.
It's not my starter, those things don't just go without warning, I've had a starter go on me before and they are very dramatic with their exit. "You should bring the car into the station and we can take a look at it for you..." Yeah. so you can charge me a million dollars to tell me my starter went, put a new one in just to not have the car start even then. Thanks but no thanks. "I'm going to make a few more phonecalls, thanks."
I call Daddy and want to cry because HELLO! NO MONEY FOR CAR REPAIRS! but he tells me to sit tight do I have a choice here? that he would come to my job with his mechanic buddy, Choo.
When they get to my job I tell Daddy about the clicking and he gets this look like a lightbulb going off in his head.Turns out the car had an alarm system before I bought it that was never properly taken out. The clicking was the alarm going off, but since they took HALF of it out, it wasn't making actual noise. For some reason the alarm started going haywire yesterday and shut the whole car down. So Daddy and Choo had to get into my car after work yesterday to start taking the wires from the alarm system out.It's fixed now. For free. I love Daddy and Choo.
And guess what? I never had to replace the starter...


Julie said...

Well if Little Man loves Choo, and so do you, then he must be one helluva guy. Tell him I said so. So glad they got the problem solved! For free! And it wasn't the starter!

Mama of 2 said...

Well glad to hear that all is fixed with your car and having it be free is even a better deal.

I know the feeling cause several months ago hubby's Exploder (as he calls it) wouldn't start and all it turned out to be was dirt in the fuel line.

JayMonster said...

Without knowing about the alarm... the clicking sound would have told me it was the solenoid on the starter as well. They don't always go out with a bang. (So take it easy on the poor mechanic).

But glad to hear it all wound up well in the end.

dennis said...

clicking noises in the car? I'd have gone straight for the bug spray!!

I'd never be allowed to tie Choo's sandal's... :(