Tuesday, August 29, 2006

better and better...grrr.

Yesterday is erased from my memory forEVER. Well, after I tell you how it ended up taking some twists and turns and made me want to change my own name to Stoopid.
I called the bank as soon as I realized my card was missing, told them my last purchase, total and time and they shut the card down. They would send me a new card in 7-10 business days. Joy. The rest of my day at work was shitty, because I was already miserable about the card and the letters. It seemed that everyone who called yelled at me and I seriously just wanted to go home and cry.
Daddy comes to get me from work and as I'm walking out the door I remember that I had worn a jacket to work in the morning, so I grabbed it off the coat rack and left. Suddenly like a light shining down on me I get the idea to check my jacket pocket.

THE GODDAMN CARD WAS IN THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Apparently after I swiped the card at the pump I put the card in my pocket with the intention of putting it back in my purse when I got back in the car, but never did.

Can you believe this? I felt like such an idiot. Daddy laughed at me, which made me feel worse. After getting Little Man we went straight to the bank where I (lied) told them that I had dropped it at the gas station and the station attendant found it and saved it for me. (Hello! I didn't want them to see what a moron I was!) They re-activated my card and told me they would still watch for any purchases made during the day and I wouldn't be liable for anything. Huge sigh of relief from me, though I know there won't be any suspicious purchases, but because I'm grateful to have a great bank where all the employees know me and treat me soooo well.

So that's it. As of this sentence, yesterday is erased from my memory, it never even happened. Pretend with me, would ya?
(P.S- Nita, if you read this, I'm totally inviting you over with a bottle of peroxide, we can dye my hair blonde...it would fit me well right now.)


Tuesday Girl said...

everyone has one of those days once in awhile.
Alcohol helps.

Melissa said...

Glad you found your card, even if it was in your pocket!

And as a blonde, I can honestly say I've never lost my ATM card!!!! :-)