Friday, August 04, 2006

Can someone shut that kid up?

I'm sure that's what everyone at Walmart was thinking yesterday when I set foot in the store. My bank is located IN the damn store (how smart are they? "Come deposit your check...or on second thought just hand it to the cashier...") so I always go there after work on Thursdays to deposit my and Daddy's paychecks. I brought my mother with me since she wanted to pick up a few things. I should have realized it was going to be bad when Little Man didn't want to get out of his car seat. Usually when Daddy and I get to Walmart the kid is dying to go in the store so he can be in the shopping cart. Maybe it was because Daddy wasn't there, he went home to lay down because now HE'S sick, but Little Man was not having it. So I carry him to the store and he didn't even want to get in the cart...instead he starts screaming at the top of his lungs causing everyone to turn our way and wonder what kind of satanic torture I was giving this child. My mother took over and told me to go to the bank before they closed, she would handle him. Yeah, okay. As I was there signing the checks and filling out my slip I could hear him screaming. As the banker handled my transaction-and wouldn't shut up about what she wanted for lunch (they all know me, this is both good and bad) I could hear him. The thing is, my mother didn't stay outside the bank waiting for me, she went to get her things and he was screaming as they were walking. I am THAT mother, the mother that everyone looks at when her kid is throwing a fit. The mother that everyone looks at and says "That will never be me." or "Look at her, she can't even control her own child."
I walk out of the bank and see them standing in line to be cashed out. As I get closer my son sees me and says "MA!" and reaches out for me, his lips ready for a kiss, a smile playing at his eyes. He thought it was hilarious.


Jen said...

OH how I despise mothers like you!! My kids have never even fussed in a store!! LOL!!

Mama of 2 said...

Hey Diana go check out my winning essay at J's Mommy site called Lollipop. It's all about what you just described.

dennis said...

WE have actually left the store because of the shrieking. Usually though, I ignore the screams and placidly walk through the aisles shopping. I only have to spin through two before they give up...usually.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

You know, it's usually single, young people and old crazy people that give those weird looks.

Everybody else understands.