Monday, August 21, 2006

Drama Filled Friday...

...on Monday.

Yeah, it's late but go figure I was busy Friday. (Because Karma read my Bored post.) We got another new agent in and I had to have her be my shadow all day. What would she think if she knew I spent most of my boring days checking blogs out? And playing games?
So far, she seems pretty normal.
So far.

Friday started off pretty dramatic, let me give you an overview: We have a corner business. We are on the corner of two very high profile streets in town, great location. (Isn't that what Real Estate is all about? Location, location, location!) To our left there is a phone shop that rents their space from my bossman. They got broken into Thursday night/Friday morning, the thieves took over $8,000 in merchandise (mostly the expensive Nextel phones) and leaving the shop owner with a mess of glass all over the shop and sidewalk. She has floor to ceiling windows like we have, and they broke one and walked right in. Now, her alarm system is usually highly sensitive. Sometimes it goes off if we so much as touch the adjoining doors in the back. Are you surprised the alarms didn't go off? I'm not. Isn't that the way Karma works? Now, with us being in this very high profile area, there is a constant flow of cops in the area, driving up and down the avenue, riding their bikes, walking, making sure everyone is okay and everything is running smoothly. They stop in and say hello sometimes since we see them many times a day. Do you think anyone saw the thieves break in?
Guess how long it took the cops to show up when we called to report a break in?
An hour and a half.
My boss was livid, the shop owner was pissed. They took a report and left, in under ten minutes. No finger prints, no pictures. Nothing.
That was the drama. Then I had a tail all day.
Today, a mountain of paperwork. I like it. The day is going so much faster.


Mama of 2 said...

I'm not a big fan of Mondays. If you ask me we should only have to work Tuesday, Wednesday and THursday. But I just wonder if then Tuesday would be the day I dread as much as I do Mondays now?

More than likely that would a big fat YES

Lori said...

I could just be dumb, but I cannot find a way to email you. I wanted to ask you a question, when you get some time contact me. Nothing weird or anything just about the payperpost thing.