Monday, August 14, 2006

Things I learned over the weekend

  • After I wrote this post, The Mortgage Guy seemed to disappear. He didn't come into the office for like three weeks. I don't know what went on, but my boss seems to have made a contract with another Mortgage Company and had a meeting with The Mortgage Guy's company to let them know. The Mortgage Guy (TMG) came in to say his good-byes to the agents, letting them know they could still call him if they need anything. As he was leaving he said "I'll e-mail you sometime just to see how you're doing." I wasnt expecting an e-mail on Friday night saying "So do you miss me yet?" WTF DUDE??? I didn't answer it. I erased it faster than anything. I didn't learn anything from this, i just wanted to share it.
  • I learned my son looooves swimming, even though he doesn't really know how. I went to my mother's house on Saturday and Sunday morning while Daddy worked on his damn project-car-that-still-isn't-fucking-running-hurry-up-and-finish-the-thing. Her building has a pool that no one ever uses so Little Man and I had it to ourselves. I was mainly just walking around the shallow end with him, holding him out so he could "float" but he was kicking his legs and I swear he could almost do the doggie paddle. I wish my mother hadn't been inside with a fever, she could have taken pics for you guys to see. If next weekend is nice enough I'll take him there again and have some pics.
  • I learned that as soon as you say "I'll be right back." to your husband and child, you will get on the highway only to discover that it has been closed because a Dump Truck has turned over and is in pieces across the whole highway, so your short trip to the store for your mother (who is in bed with fevers and chills, fun!) becomes an extended adventure of sight-seeing as you take the 'local' roads across three towns. Don't ever say "I'll be right back." Don't ever say "Mom, I'll be right there, five minutes." These two phrases will cause a chain reaction in the stars to create obstacles to put in your way so you will learn to stop saying these phrases. (The driver of the Dump Truck is fine. I can't find anything on the accident in the paper or on-line. Hmmmm)


dennis said...

Wow sounds like you had loads of fun this weekend.

I have to peruse other blogs so I'll be right back to read your post about posting about how you and hubby met. LOL

Diana said...

Dude-patience. You have to work on yours too remember? Mine will be up by tomorrow. Promise. Or Wednesday.

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

You should have told that Mortgage Guy to go pound sand. People like that drive me crazy.