Friday, August 11, 2006

What I would rather be doing-

Ever since I was a little girl if someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up I would always say "Doctor!". It varied from time to time depending on the day, because sometimes I would say "Vet!" (which, I am ashamed to admit I had called it veteran once or twice because veterinarian sounded almost the same if you said it fast enough. yeah, I was smart!) But I always answered something that had to do with the medical field. After many years, my answer became "Nurse." because I lost my confidence and figured I could never make it all the way to medical school. I have just always wanted to be in a field that helped people. ER was my favorite show since they premiered, (I'm going to end up with the whole DVD collection very soon, don't tell Daddy!) and I followed it faithfully until they got rid of the whole original cast. (Don't even get me started on that.) but I loved the way the show was so realistic and I was always like "Oh! I want to be doing that!!!"
Anyway, before I found out I was pregnant with Little Man I was working for a Urologist. I loved that job. I was a receptionist there, too, but the Medical Assistant there would use me as a translator as needed and she was also showing me the ropes so that I could try and get the Doctor to pay for my Medical Assistant classes so I could get my foot in the door with the field. I would analyze the pee-pee and check it for protein and all that good stuff, I would stand in when the doctor had a female patient if the M. A was in another room. I helped people. And I loved it. And I didn't have to dress up, all we had to wear was scrubs and they were the most comfortable thing EVER! (And oh the stories I have from there! We gave samples of V!agra...)
So, when I found out I was pregnant with my Little Man I was showing right away. With my growing belly, I was so grateful that I only had to wear scrubs to work, since most of the pants tie in the front or have elastic and are lightweight and OH! SO! COMFORTABLE!...I couldn't have loved them anymore for saving me so much money on Maternity wear.
Maybe that's really why I want to be in the medical field..for the scrubs! I don't want to dress up!
Seriously, my thoughts keep going back to going back to school. I'm waiting for a time when it will be more 'convenient' but afraid that time won't come. I still want to be in the medical field. To help people, but to also wear scrubs all day! (Joking, it's mostly to help!)
So if I DO quit this job, it will probably not be to go to another Real Estate Office, instead probably back to the medical world. A friend of mine (who got me the job at the Urologist's) is now the manager of another Doctor's office. Perhaps I will call her and let her know I'm open to leaving here for something I'm more interested in pursuing in the future...


Oh, The Joys said...

DO IT! You'll make it work.

Anonymous said...

i 2nd that emotion. life's short. go!


Diana said...

*deep breath*
I guess it's time to start thinking about ch-ch-ch-changes...
Nita- dude. You've been missed. *smile*
E-mail me-I wanna know how Ms. Rio's b-day party went(if it passed).

SuperMom said...

Can I just say, as a mommy of three, DO IT NOW!!

Hubby could have gone to school a long time ago, but it didn't seem convenient. Looking back, I wish we had taken the opportunity sooner rather than later.

Go for it, Diana. Life's too short to spend it wishing and waiting.