Tuesday, August 29, 2006

To satellite or not to satellite?

That's the new question in my house. I told Daddy I wanted to get the digital cable back and he set up a counter-offer: What if we got satellite?
I knew where this was coming from, we had just gotten a shitload of junk mail and a 'coupon' for Dish Network was in the bunch. His eyes were lit up like a kid at Christmas. I told him I would prefer digital to the dish.
"Well, because when we get shitty weather, like we're having right now, it. won't. work."
"What are you talking about?"
So I went on to relay to him how my sister had satellite when she lived with her ex-husband, and the only time she would call me on the phone was when it was raining or snowing pretty bad out-which would knock off her dish service. (Yeah, what a bitch. LOL. I always knew to expect a call from her when the weather was shitty. I took to answering the phone saying "Dish customer service how can I help you? Oh, you're service is out again? OH WELL!" I'm an ass.)
Their coupon listed over 120 channels for $29.99 (which I am still trying to find the little * that says for the first three months or something) which is better than digital. (digital would come out to like $80)
I'm going to have to turn to you guys: anybody have Dish? Or any satellite? Is the service bad/good/GREAT! ? (Basically, are you a satisfied customer?)
I need feedback quick, because shitty weather is hitting New England soon, and I will be vegging out on the couch with my two guys, watching t.v. because it will be too cold for me and Little Man to hit the parks.


dennis said...

we had satellite. We had it for exactly one football season. We also had blacked out games, bad reception in bad weather and lousy reception if there was the slightest hint of a breeze or the pollen count got too high.

We now have basic cable and still have too many channels to watch!

Alison said...

I have Direct TV and have no problems. If we get a LOAD of snow it conks out for maybe 1/2 hour then comes right back up. Serious lightning somtimes it will freeze for a minute. Not anything serious. I'm in NY so we can get some seious winters but I think we had 1 outage last winter.

Crystal said...

I have Direct TV also, and have had very few problems. I live in Florida, so there is plenty of rain/storms to have it go out for a bit, but never for more than a few minutes at a time. We've had it for about 6 years or so now, with great service. When it does happen to lose the signal due to weather, I can still use the DVR to watch things that I had previously recorded.

JayMonster said...

I got DirecTV almost exactly a year ago after finally getting sick and tired of Comcast. I originally planned to only have it for a year, until I could get a deal from Comcast and go back.

Well, in that year, I have lost reception thanks to storms a grand total of 2 times, each for less than an hour. Now I realize the weather is a bit different up there than here in NJ, but not by all that much.

I also got a Tivo for free (after rebate) with the deal. I LOVE my Tivo now and it will have to be pried from my cold dead hands. Accept no substitutions. Some providers offer DVRs that are not Tivo, and to be blunt... they suck.

I have heard stories like dennis' above about how bad it is... but to be honest this has not been my experience.

I am now willing to recommend DirecTV to anyone. Dish Network and EchoStar do not hold a candle to DirecTV, so you milage may vary with them.

Also, don't be panicked about getting the service. There are deals for each of the services ALL the time (regardless of the "expiration" on that coupon), so make your choice carefully and get exactly what you want.

Diana said...

Sounds like Direct TV is beating Dish.
I think I will research the direct for their pricing and packages instead of Direct....
And Jay- Dish is offering a free DVR. I'm a techtard (remember?) so I don't really know the difference, but I'll take your word for it.
I still do have time before my vegging days start.

Mama of 2 said...

Had Directv and loved it. Had it for almost 4 years and wishing now we never switched back to Comcast. I mainly did if for the high speed internet and thinking that I was getting a better deal. I wasn't.

Check out my Directv post on my blog for the whole story.