Thursday, August 10, 2006

Um, aren't you supposed to be at the Other Office???

So the plans to move me to The Other Office have apparently been postponed... I don't think my boss had the heart to let The Other Admin go. Fine, cool, no problem, I like this office waaay more anyway. But, do I still get my dollar raise??? I just had my one year anniversary with the company, and it went by without so much as a "hey, thanks, here's a couple of cents to show that we like you."
Here's a kicker for you, one of the agents (that I like) just gave his notice. He works with a team and has decided to open up his own office and he told me he wants me to go with him. He told me I was going no where with this place uh, thanks and he would pay me SIX DOLLARS more than I make now.
How much???
Fifteen dollars an hour. To answer phones and do paperwork.

I can't do it.

*ducking the shoes being thrown at me through the internet*

As much as I complain about this place, I can't leave. My boss has children, so he understands when I need a day off or when I need to leave in the middle of the afternoon because my son has sprung a fever. The agent- let's call him Beantown (he loves those God forsaken Sox-ack!) does not have children, and he is not as flexible as my boss. I don't think he would understand the need for me to leave the office in a moment's notice to go get my son for some reason or another. And those "pesky" doctor's appointments that can only occur during my work hours...
But a part of me is saying Fifteen dollars! Christmas is coming! Little Man's and Daddy's birthdays are coming! What are you thinking?
My boss has been so good to me...
I just can't. Yeah, the money would be great, but I just can't.
Tell me I'm not crazy.
Or tell me I am.
ugh, I hate this.

***Edited to add: I haven't said no. I told him "We'll talk."


Tuesday Girl said...

you are a good loyal employee, very rare these days.

dennis said...

Yes, but Loyalty only goes so far and the return journey is never a far (company to employee loyalty).

That being said, if Beantown cannot commit to allowing you as flexible a schedule, then it might not be the best move.

Your first instinct about $ not being everything is correct.

Wishing you the best of luck on your choice.

(Just for the entertainment value alone, I would ask Beantown to take Stoopid along too!!)

Jen said...

Have you considered going to your boss and telling him that you've been offered another postition that made a significant more amount of money, but out of loyalty you do not want to leave him without giving him a chance to give you a possible raise?

Diana said...

Tues- let's see if my loyalty gets me places...
Dennis- if he takes Stoopid, I'm SURELY not going! I won't even visit! lol.
Jen- I've been thinking about that, I want to make sure my boss doesn't take it as me giving him an ultimatum.
This is hard!

JayMonster said...

Step One - negotiate with Leaving Agent. Get that "understanding" of flexibility up front. If he is agreeable then you can move on with talks, otherwise you end it there. But in this case you are in the position of negotiating power he wants you. The question becomes, how much does he want you.

IF you get everything you want, then you move on to Step 2.

Step 2. means informing you boss, "Hey, I wasn't looking but this opportunity fell in my lap. I love and adore working for you which is why I am giving you every chance to keep me here. I do not want to leave, but ultimately I have to be concerned with what is best for my family. What can you do for me?"

creative-Type Dad (Tony) said...

Totally see your point.

If it were me, I would go to your boss and let him know about the other offer.
You never know, he might not match it, but maybe give something...