Monday, August 14, 2006

Read my shirt!

Okay, so by popular demand, I will be telling the story of how Daddy and I met. I will have to start working on it ASAP, for now you get some other stuff.
Obviously everyone has noticed how popular it is to have some sort of quirky saying on your shirt. Freedom of expression has come alive with T-shirts saying things for you.
I recently bought a T-shirt for Daddy that has the Simpsons on it posing like the Sopranos. Instead of the gun like in the Sopranos "p", there is a donut in the Simpsons "o", I bought it for him because I thought it was pretty funny. Thankfully he liked it, and the reaction he got at work when he wore it for the first time was great. (Yeah, I'm jealous he gets to wear t-shirts and jeans to work!)
Will this phenomenom ever end? Probably about the same time reality t.v goes to hell...
A lot of the t-shirts I've been seeing lately (since I work near two of the colleges in this state, one being an Ivy League School...hmmm) have college-sayings on them. Here are some I found at a web-site run by college kids: (Hey, I never got to go away for college, I never got to do any of this stuff so I have to laugh with them.)

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