Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Funny Pics

I'm on a roll, now that I had Oh, The Joys help me with uploading photos (read:explained it to me like I was three. Which, hello! is the only language I understand anyway! THANK YOU AGAIN!) I can share more stories.
Daddy and I went to a friend's house the other day because this friend wanted Daddy to put a belt on his car for him. So when we get to his house he is holding the packaging it came in, I grabbed it from his hand and tell him that they sent him a broken belt.
"What are you talking about?" He asks.
"LOOK!" The packaging says:

Read the title...

(don't bend, in English AND Japanese)

and yet...

...but it's bent!

it's totally bent.

I just wanted to make him laugh. I thought it was funny.
Okay, maybe just me.

NEXT! I was washing the dishes and Little Man wanted to be outside so I tell Daddy to get him dressed and bring him out, I would be out soon and we could take him to the park or something. So I go outside and the first thing I say to Daddy is "Dude, you forgot his belt didn't you?" He looks at me, sees that I'm fumbling with the camera trying to get the damn picture, looks at Little Man and starts laughing...

Ummm, you forgot his belt, dude! "OOPS!" he says.
My poor son.


sourpatchbaby said...

I found it funny too. But then again, people look at me funny too whenever I try to make a joke. Maybe we're the odd ones? Nah, they just don't know a good joke when they hear one. Men are so clueless when it comes to the kids, aren't they?

Diana said...

SPB- I find the oddest things funny.
And I find it hard to believe that my dear husband can forget how skinny our son is and send him out without a belt. Moron. It made for a great photo-op though!

Oh, The Joys said...

Diana - did you feel like a toddler? Cuz I have one and am in that mode ALOT. Sorry if I was, you know, BASIC.

Diana said...

I don't mind being spoken to like a toddler when I dont understand something, because it helps me understand better. (My mommy brain is fried.) The only time I dont like being spoken to like that is if I already know what i'm my own job.
So you did nothing wrong! Basic is good sometimes! You see that I got the pics up without having to e-mail you again! You did great explaining it, OTJ.

Oh, The Joys said...

I can't actually see any photos...???

Diana said...

*Still working on getting the whole flickr thing on the sidebar. Soon. I swear.